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Bamanbudo Waterfalls Canacona – Directions, Route, Safety, Activities

Bamanbudo Waterfalls Canacona, is one of the most spectacular Waterfalls you’ll ever witness in your entire life. Cascading along the rocks, the Bamanbudo Waterfall flows right by the roadside, and it is not hard to reach. This amazing flow of water makes swimming super fun, especially with friends. So if you’re looking for some good pictures of nature, you should not wait anymore and visit this unexploited beauty right away.

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Bamanbudo Waterfalls, Goa, is a heavenly place for those looking for peaceful nature and adventurous events.

There are not a lot of people who know about this magical fall. However, it is never too late to go and explore all the wildlife experiences with your family.


A dive into the Waterfall of Bamanbudo is a must rather than any jacuzzi bath you’ll ever have. Even kids can enjoy swimming as the water is not too deep, just the perfect depth.

Bamanbudo Waterfall Canacona address: This beautiful piece of nature is located in South Goa in the streets of Gaodongrem village in Canacona taluka. It is close to the road leading to Ambe Ghat. Here‘s the proper address and Pincode of the location.
Address: MDR34, Gaodongrem, Goa, 403702

Looking for a means of transport to reach Bamanbudo waterfall? Not to worry, there are different ways to reach this blissful location. You can choose whichever way you want to go, whether you choose by air or by road; it’s all up to you. So you are not out of options when it comes to travelling to the Bamanbudo Waterfall. You can even take a cab from the airport or rent a bike if you want to enjoy the weather while reaching the Bamanbudo waterfall location.

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Best Time to Visit Bamanbudo Waterfalls Canacona
You can never put a date to visit this mystical place. However, if you decide to take this trip between July and August, you’ll love it. The weather is just awesome because the rain is dripping off the leaves in the forest. The fragrance will give you a great amount of pleasure, and not only that, the volume of the waterfall gets heavier in the monsoon season. You can visit the Bamanbudo Waterfall anytime, not just in the rainy season but also in the summer. The temperature during the rainy season is around 25 degrees which is just perfect. A little breeze of wind with some steaming water is a good combination.

Places to Visit in and around Bamanbudo Waterfall
When you visit such a beautiful place, you just can’t get enough, which is why Bamanbudo Waterfall has a lot to offer other than its natural beauty. Add these places to your list, and make the best of your trip:
Dojo’s Waterfall: Dojo’s Waterfall is an amazing place nearby Bamanbudo Waterfall, located in Gaodongrem, Goa; this is an infamous place with a gift of nature. The water flow is just the right amount, and you can have yourself a great spot for clicking some pictures. So, make sure to bring a camera to upload some beautiful pictures on your way home.

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Mountain Top Ambe Forest Checkpost: Mountain Top Ambe Forest Checkpost is a great place to explore if you are a big fan of wildlife and nature. Three hundred fifty meters above the MSL, this place is located on the high point of Ambe Ghat. Butterflies and birds roam around everywhere, and the silence of nature is all this place is about. If you like to have some adventure in the woods, this place is it. You will not get bored all day long. You can visit this place after spending some time at the Waterfall.

Shri. Paikdev Prasann: South Goa’s Shri. Paikdev Prasann is located in Sanguem taluka, which is a temple surrounded by a deep forest. This hidden gem near the Bamanbudo waterfall is a good place to explore. It has some old interior designs which look just beautiful. You should visit this place if you come to Bamanbudo waterfall, Goa.

Mallikarjun Temple Gaondongrim: Dedicated to Lord Mallikarjun, the Mallikarjun temple is another beautiful place to visit near Bamanbudo Waterfall. It is considered to be one of the oldest temples in Goa, surrounded by big mountains. You can visit this religious place to find some more peacefulness and enjoy the calm weather.

Badsarem hills: If you’re up to some adventurous ride after swimming in the waterfall down below, you can visit the Badsarem hills. It has the kind of views you see in movies. Up high on the road of this hill, you’ll see some of the most enthralling beauty of nature. You can also drive along the road and feel the wind passing by.

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