The Six Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Goa – Kalsa, Hivre, Sada & More


Well, we have been uncovering the absolute best of Goa for quite sometime now. We asked our internal team to vote for the six most beautiful waterfalls in Goa. And the results are pretty unexpected to say the least 🙂

With the first showers of rain coming along and long dry afternoons of May coming to an end, the smell of wet earth is welcoming, filling up your lungs and giving you a sense of great joy and happiness.

The scene with green paddy fields spread across miles is mesmerizing and nature seems to be breathing a new life.

The monsoon season are at the peak in between the months of June and September, making Goa the perfect place for ones who love adventure and trekking to visit, as this small gem is gifted with some incredibly beautiful waterfalls.

Here are some of the hidden gems of nature that one should definitely visit:

#1 Hivre Waterfalls

The astonishing beauty of this Waterfalls draws attention of many tourists as well as adventure seekers year after year. If you love the beauty of the nature, the pristine beauty surrounding this waterfall will be a treat to watch.

Going for a hike to this waterfall by crossing the dense jungle and undulating hilly areas will be a delight in itself.

Image Credit – GoldenGoa

Arvalem Waterfalls

For visitors as well as the locals this waterfall is a very popular picnic site. A park has been developed near the waterfall which allows many hours of peacefulness and relaxation.

A pool formed at the bottom of the waterfall is a joy for swimmers. An ancient Rudreshwar Temple is located near the waterfalls, and there is a rock-cut cave too situated close by.

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Sada Waterfalls

Situated in the village of Sada on the Goa-Karnataka border, this waterfall is an amazing sight. With the amazing view of the Chorla Ghats in the surrounding, the cascading waters fall from between two hills.

Going out for a hike to the base of the waterfalls is an adventure in itself, as you cross river streams, dense forests, and crawl through underground caves.

Image Credit – Whatshot

Bamanbudo Waterfalls

Bamanbudo waterfalls in Goa are known for their crystal clear waters. This untouched, raw beauty gives immense pleasure to every nature lover. The best part of these falls is that one can reach this waterfall easily without any treacherous trek.

These falls are situated on the backside of the Aube Ghat and make for one of the best, yet remains the lesser-known waterfall of Goa.

Image Credit – TripAdvisor

Kemburli Waterfall

Kemburli Waterfall serves as the perfect long-drive getaway for the tourists. One of the well-known waterfalls in Goa, this beautiful waterfall is situated in the village of Kemburli.

The waterfall provides a peaceful sensation for the visitors among the green lushes of the surrounding. One can easy reach this waterfall as it is located near the Mumbai-Goa Highway. Moreover, this place is perfect waterfalls in Goa for a monsoon trek.

Image Credit – Flamingo Travels

Kalsa Waterfall

Tucked into the dense forest of Kankumbi at the Goa-Karnataka border, being one of the known waterfalls in Goa, this place is a precious gem for trekkers and nature lovers. The sheer thrill of walking through the forest, crossing the river, and trekking one’s way forward to reach the destination is fully rewarded by the waterfall itself. The magnificent down pouring over the rocks with its presence will surely leave the trekker mesmerized. This waterfall is open throughout the year, and guided treks are organized regularly.

Image Credit – AllTrails

Visiting beaches, churches, temples, experiencing the Indo-Portuguese architecture and enjoying the nightlife are top on the of the To-do list of most of the visitors. But once done with exploring  the commonly visited sites of the state, one should consider visiting one of these waterfalls to head out for unlimited fun.