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Best Milkshake Spots in Goa

The summers have finally arrived. The mercury levels are rising in the state day by day. During this hot summer season, many of us tend to get dehydrated while going about our business at school, college or at our workplace. To beat the heat, many of us look for nice places to quench our thirst with some delicious milkshakes, smoothies, or fresh fruit juices. Thankfully, most of the major cities in Goa have incredible joints which offer lip-smacking milkshakes, smoothies, juices and lots more. In this article, we take a look at the top 3 best milkshake spots in Goa where you can enjoy some delicious milkshakes and smoothies.

Fruitilicious, Panjim

Fruitilicious, Panjim (Image credit: Fruitilicious Official Facebook Page)

First on our list of the best milkshake spots in Goa is Fruitilicious. This joint is located near the interstate bus stand in Panjim. The place literally lives up to its name. It is a fruit lover’s paradise! It offers a wide variety of fresh fruit juices and smoothies along with a small range of sandwiches and other light snacks. The brother-sister duo that runs this place are very kind and friendly and make you feel at home. The place is very clean and hygienic. Milkshakes that are a must-try at this place include the Mango-Avocado shake and the Strawberry Banana shake. Both are very rich in milk and fruits, and are very nutritious and tasty. All the items offered here are reasonably priced. The place is a must-visit, especially for those who are fitness freaks!

An array of the most popular milkshakes at Fruitilicious, Panjim (Image Credit: Fruitilicious Official Facebook Page)

London Shakes Cafe, Ponda

London Shakes Cafe, Ponda (Image Credit:

Next on our list of the best milkshake spots in Goa is London Shakes Cafe in Ponda city. This is a nice dainty cafe with a theme centred around the city of London. It is nicely decorated with images of various popular tourist attractions in London. The cafe offers several lip-smacking milkshakes along with some light snacks. You have to place your order at the entrance and then enjoy your meal in the sitting area upstairs. The sitting area is spacious and has around 7-8 tables. You can sit and enjoy your food. The variety of items available on the menu is incredible. Shakes that are highly recommended at the place include the KitKat shake, the strawberry thick shake, the red velvet shake, and the kiwi cuddle shake. Along with your milkshake, you can have some light snacks like the Szechwan garlic bread, zig-zag fries and the veggie egg sandwich. The owner of the place as well as the staff are very kind and friendly. The menu pricing is slightly on the higher side, but taking into consideration the quality of the food, service, and the ambience of the place, it is totally worth it. Overall, it is a nice place to hang out with friends and have a nice chat while feasting on some delicious shakes and snacks.

Strawberry Thick Shake (Image Credit:

Frozen Bottle, Margao

Frozen Bottle at Margao (Image credit:

And concluding our list of the best milkshake spots in Goa is Frozen Bottle at Margao. This is a nice, cosy and comfy place located at the Osia Commercial Complex in Margao. The interiors of the place are nicely decorated with beautiful wall art and are very brightly lit. It is very clean and has a wonderful ambience. It is usually occupied by college students and young couples. It has a really good menu featuring a wide variety of milkshakes of different flavours that they bottle right in front of you and serve. The pricing is apt for the drinks that they serve. The staff are really friendly and also willingly assist you in choosing the best shake for you based on your individual taste and liking.

The berry blast shake and the oreo shake are very tasty and are highly recommended. The sugar-free cold coffee is also worth trying. The outlet is shared with U.S Pizza. So, along with the shakes you can order a pizza as well. The place is certainly a must-visit when in Margao.

Ambient dining area at Frozen Bottle, Margao (Image Credit:

With this, we conclude our list of the best milkshake spots in Goa. So, if you ever feel tired and want to recharge yourself with some nice and delicious milkshakes, head to one of these amazing places and fresh yourself with some tasty and nutritious milkshakes. Enjoy!

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