8 Hollywood & Bollywood Movies in Goa. How Many Can You Name?


Did you know that there are numerous Hollywood and Bollywood movies in Goa?

Goa’s golden sands, inexperienced fields with palm fringed streets slicing via them, and majestic Portuguese villas make it a picturesque backdrop for a number of movies. We be aware of that Bollywood has a plethora of films that have been filmed in Goa, however do you recognize that there are additionally some Hollywood films that have been shot here? Here are a listing of the fantastic films that had been filmed in Goa

Bollywood Movies

Dil Chahta Hai – One of the most famous Hindi films primarily based on friendship and relationships now not solely received the hearts of the viewers however additionally made Chapora Fort popular. If you’re a history lover, you need to really check it out.

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  • Dear Zindagi – Revolves round the existence of a younger girl who seeks the assist of a psychologist and he teaches her about life. In this movie, a extraordinary aspect of Goa is showcased. The splendour away from the beaches, village roads with palm timber on both side.
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  • Go, Goa, Gone – This is a special movie that personified Goa and became it into a character. This film focuses on the darker aspect of Goa, with its capsules and nightlife. It showcases a one-of-a-kind aspect of Goa and the splendour of how you can find out some thing new each time you visit. This film points zombies which is not too frequent in Bollywood films.
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Golmaal – Out of the 4 Golmaal movies, 3 of them had Goa as its important focal point. These films showcases the enjoyable aspect of Goa, the beaches, water sports, the pubs, and the night time life. It was once shot round Old GMC in Panjim complicated the place INOX is positioned now, Fort Aguada and Dona Paula.

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  • Finding Fanny – Now this movie’s essential factor of focal point is the interiors of Goa. The movie has captured the charming village existence of Goa. Parra, Saligao, Aldona, Assagao, Divar and Socorro had been some of the villages in North Goa that had been chosen for the set, whereas in the South, it was the village of Cortalim. This film makes you experience like coming to Goa simply to trip the quiet facet of this bustling state.
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Hollywood Movies

  1. The Seawolves – This movie is primarily based on proper historic occasions of World War II and was filmed in Goa. In the movie, a German secret agent is passing on records about the area of Allied ships in the impartial harbor of Goa, India, which had catastrophic results. Various areas throughout Goa have been used. Some of the places consist of The Latin Quarters in Fontainhas, and Prainha Beach in Dona Paula.
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  • The Bourne Supremacy – The first phase in the Bourne collection was filmed mainly in Goa. One can effortlessly discover the Nerul Bridge, Palolem Beach, and a few locations throughout Goa.
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  • The Letters – A biopic on Mother Teresa and her work, the slum areas have been captured in this movie. Mother Teresa’s work was once especially primarily based in Kolkata however over the years the metropolis has developed a new look. The slum aspect of Goa bears resemblance to Kolkata lower back in the day and matched the timeline.
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  • Bangkok Hilton – One of Nicole Kidman’s first movies. The overcrowded detention center in Bangkok was once nicknamed “Bangkok Hilton”. This is a three-part film or “Miniseries”. The film is about a young, naïve lady who receives framed for carrying tablets into Thailand. One scene was filmed in Cidade de Goa in Dona Paula.
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