Best Multi-Cuisine Restaurants in Colva For Travellers

Colva is a coastal village situated in Salcete taluka of South Goa. It is home to the famous Colva beach, which is the largest beach in South Goa. The beach has white sands and is lined with groves of swaying coconut palm trees. It is popular with both Indian and foreign tourists. The area around the beach circle can get crowded, but if you walk a few minutes to the north or the south of the beach, you will find a few secluded areas where you can relax in tranquillity and solitude. Many water sports activities like parasailing, snorkelling, jet skiing etc. take place at Colva beach.

Due to its popularity as a tourist hotspot, Colva has seen several restaurants sprout up over the last couple of years to cater to the hunger cravings of the thousands of tourists who flock to the village every year.

For those of you planning a visit to Colva anytime soon, here is a list of the top restaurants in Colva.


The Red Ginger 

The Red Ginger, Colva (Image Credit:

Starting the list of top restaurants in Colva is The Red Ginger restaurant. Located just around 2 kilometres from Colva beach, this restaurant is probably the best place in Goa for those who crave authentic Asian cuisine. The restaurant is quite spacious and has a very beautiful ambience. For starters, one could try their prawn tempura served with wasabi mayo or their Shanghai spinach spring roll flavoured with soya sauce. For meat lovers, the irresistible Thai Chilli Lamb with kaffir lime and the Basil Thai Chicken are good options. For the main course, one can opt for the appetizing Szechwan fried rice and chill chicken for gravy. One can also try their signature Red Ginger bowl, which consists of Bangkok style chicken or tenderloin served with jasmine rice.

Mickey’s Restaurant

Mickey’s Restaurant, Colva (Image Credit:

Next on our list of the top restaurants in Colva is Mickey’s Restaurant. This popular restaurant is located just a few metres away from the Beleza by the Beach resort at Colva. The place is huge and has a great location sitting on the water’s edge. It is decorated nicely with flowers and has a fishing boat near the entrance. It has both, outdoor as well as indoor seating. Wonderful retro music playing in the background adds to the ambience of the place. The food offered here is very delicious. A must try at this place is the Chilli garlic calamari in white gravy, which is the restaurant’s signature dish. It is simply outstanding and will leave you craving for more. Other dishes worth trying at this place include Bombay Duck Rava fry, prawn biryani, chicken xacuti and Goan sausage fry.

Little Banana Goan Fast Food

An array of Goan dishes served at Little Banana Goan Fast Food, Colva (Image Credit:

This is a small restaurant, tucked away near a tiny junction on the Colva beach road. It is a simple, no-frills restaurant that serves popular Goan homemade dishes. They have a small menu with very good options. When you are here, you must try their Little Banana Special Thali, which comes with perfectly cooked prawns, succulent modso fish in Tawa masala, fish curry and clams served in a mild coconut gravy. The dudhee (pumpkin) and sukkah fish pickle is very crisp and nicely complements the exotic flavours of the thali. The place is one of the best places in Colva to enjoy authentic Goan food.

The Garden at La Ben Resort

The Garden Restaurant at La Ben Resort, Colva (Image Credit:

The Garden Restaurant, which is the in-house restaurant of the La Ben Resort, is situated on the main Colva beach road. It is just a short 10 minutes walk away from the shores of the pristine Colva beach. It is a beautiful fine-dining option for those who crave spicy food. The restaurant has a widespread menu featuring a variety of spicy Indian dishes. The place is ideal for breakfast, as well as lunch and dinner. They have an open kitchen where you can see the chefs preparing delicious food. Their prawn malvani, as well as their mixed vegetable sizzlers, are simply outstanding. They are prepared with a careful selection of exotic spices and are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Their mutton kolhapuri and chicken Hyderabadi are also very tempting and irresistible. They also have a rooftop bar where one can drop in to have a few cocktails before their dinner. The bar is well-stocked with a large collection of wines, spirits, cocktails and much more.

Kentuckee Seafood Restaurant

Kentuckee Seafood Restaurant (Image credit: 

And concluding our list of the top restaurants in Colva is the Kentuckee Seafood Restaurant. This is a nice place to hang out with family and friends. The restaurant is located just outside Colva beach. It is usually very crowded as it is situated at a very prime spot. The restaurant has a very pleasing ambience and the live music during the weekends adds to the vibe of the place. The restaurant serves tasty vegetarian, non-vegetarian and seafood dishes. All the food offered here is very delicious and is served in good portion sizes. Items that are a must-try at this place include the chicken steak and the Goan prawn curry. The steak is very succulent and appetising. The Goan prawn curry is very delicious and will leave you craving for more. They also serve excellent beef steaks, fish and chips, butter garlic calamari and a variety of pasta. You can end your meal on a sweet note with a few slices of some bebinca (a Goan dessert) served with ice cream. 

With this, we conclude our list of the top restaurants in Colva. So if you happen to visit Colva anytime soon, drop in at one of these amazing restaurants and enjoy a beautiful evening, feasting on some mouth-watering food and drinks. Bon Appetit!

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