Do your bit for Goa this World Environment Day

As the world is all set to celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th of June, we should ask ourselves whether we are doing enough to save the environment. It is just not enough to come out in large numbers on just one day to show our support or post a status and pictures on social media about the environment. But it should be a continuous and everyday process as the world we live in is our own and if we don’t wake up and do something about it, God knows who will.

With the drastic change in temperature and the world facing its hottest years ever, it is high time that each one of us woke up from our little “Care a damn about the Environment” attitude and not just start caring about the environment but actually do something to bring about a change.

The Little things we’re doing


Steps have been started by the government to start treating garbage and not just leaving the garbage as treasures for our future generations to find. This is definitely  a good sign.

Saligao Solid Waste Management Plant:

  • The Goa Government recently inaugurated the ‘State of the art’ solid waste management plant costing a whopping 146 crores built on the Saligao-Calangute plateau.
  • The plant is considered to be the first of its kind in Asia, with waste treatment practices incorporated for Germany, Italy and USA.
  • The treatment plant is said to require approximately 100 tons of waste each day to function optimally.
  • Electricity produced in-house from the organic fraction of the waste will be used to power the complete plant operation.
  • Organic waste will be segregated and will undergo composting and used as manure.
  • Plastic and metal separated will be sent to cement factories to be used as RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel).
  • The liquid from the waste will be sent to the bio-mechanization for gas generation which will be in turn used to power the plant.
  • 33% of the plant will have a green cover.

In the meanwhile

While we marvel over the Saligao treatment plant, we may have turned a blind eye towards the Sonsoddo plant. The plant which was inaugurated in 2013 is yet to become fully operational, as the landfill site is yet to be constructed. A very bad response was received for the annual exercise of the Margao Municipal Corporation inviting bidders to cover up the garbage dump at Sonsoddo which is mandatory before the monsoons, seemed to fall on deaf ears as there was not a single bidder in the first round for the job. However, a single tender was received after the second notice was sent out which happened to be more than the stipulated amount. A meeting was called for a negotiation between the officials and the contractor. A further delay in the same would cause serious problems as water may start overflowing causing stench, diseases and breeding of parasites.

It will take some time for all of us to realize that although garbage is a big problem, garbage management isn’t the only solution to having a ‘Green Goa’ and saving the environment. Steps such as educating people on recycling methods, planting more trees, keeping a watchful eye on deforestation, saving water and other resources and cleaning of water bodies need to be taken into consideration.

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