Cafe Mojo Pub & Bristo is the first English Pub in Goa introducing the concept of E-Beer where you can draw your own chilled crisp draught beer at your convenience from the taps provided on every table that one occupies. Since the beer is charged per ml and not by the conventional glass method, One can pour out the beer as per the quantity they would like to have and be charged to only what has been consumed. Cafe Mojo a 24×7 English Styled Pub & Bristo offers a traditional pubbing experience one of its kind with an old English Pub Decor, coupled with a modern E-Beer System. A wide range of Indian and Foreign liquors, Cocktails and Mocktails, Coffees and Cappuccinos, and lip-smacking trendy snacks. Cafe Mojo has it all to quench your pubbing desires all day long!!

‘Mojo’ means a charm or a spell and this is what this little Café (bar) does those who visit this bar. Café Mojo in the heart of Panjim is named with the ideas of creating magic…but those who visit the small old fashioned paneled bar with its latest wizardry get more than what they bargained for. Let’s talk about the special amulet-the loyalty card which you can buy when you visit there. There are just two such ‘Bar’ concepts existing in India as of today. Now, this loyalty card allows you to purchase beer from the tap…your own tap on the table. Swagger in with a group of friends, tank up your card, occupy your table and pour out unlimited beer that your card has to offer. But keep an ear out for that bell which the bartender rings … it just means that the kegs are being tanked up for more cheer.

And with that, there are snacks and tit-bits on offer too. Nibble on some flavored nachos before you graduate to succulent Pepper Chicken, Golden Fried Prawns, Fish Fingers in tartare sauce, Chicken Nuggets…order your choice as the cheer fills up in your glasses as well as shouts of encouragement as your favorite sports team battles it out. If beer is not what you desire they have a well-stocked bar too. And as the Bar is open till the wee hours of the morning there is no restriction on the spirited cheers or ones capacity to keep that tap flowing or ever flowing. It’s a place that builds up new and lasting friendships. Café Mojo works its spell on you.

0832 2426666, 91 9850980091
Café Mojo Pub & Bistro, Hotel Salida Del Sol, Menezes Braganza Road, Panjim – Goa 403 001