9th edition of Goa Marathi Film Festival celebrated

“The Goa Marathi Film Festival is without doubt one of the most high profile film festivals, taking place in Goa today with over 10,000 spectators,” said

The 9th edition of the Goa Marathi Film Festival was celebrated from 3rd June to 6th June. The inauguration was attended by celebrities, movie critics and avid film goers. Three venues including Kala Academy, Inox and Maquinez Palace were used and they screened popular and nationally awarded Marathi and Konkani films.

Goa has provided a platform where critically acclaimed Marathi films meet the hearts of Goans. Cinema is a very commanding medium and this was recognised by Vinsan Graphics, who founded this festival in 2008. It promised to capture, inspire and transport movie buffs to a world where the magic of movies stimulates imagination and broadens perspective. This is exactly what it did.


The three days of boundless entertainment included the screening of the film Laal Ishq. The schedule included commendable films like Natsamrat, Sairat (both Marathi) and Enemy? (Konkani). All were highly praised by film critics. The special guest for the event was Shri. Sanjay Leela Bhansali, a renowned Bollywood Director and Producer, who directed the opening film Laal Ishq. A workshop also took place prior to the opening of the festival.

“This year’s edition will be the first to present the ‘Movie Song Lyrics Workshop’, by renowned lyricist Prashant Ingole (Bajirao Mastani Fame). It is an opportunity for aspiring lyricists to get acquainted with the knowledge of song writing tips, techniques, and ideas. The workshop shall take place on 2nd June,” stated


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