Conflicting Traffic Signs in Porvorim Confuse Motorists

Motorist worldwide must obey traffic signs for their own safety and the safety of others. But what should they do when these signs contradict each other?

The Porvorim highway opposite Holy Family Church, has confused many motorists. This is because a ‘No Stopping’ Signboard is placed few feet from the traffic signal. Hence drivers are left wondering what to do when a traffic signal turns red. Adding to the confusion, the traffic signal does not indicate a left green arrow for drivers planning to take a left turn and proceed along the Kadamba Depot road. Many tourist have been known to take the wrong route due to the lack of proper signs. Traffic Cell, P.I. Salim Sheik said that the ‘No Stopping’ signboard was put up by the PWD before the traffic signals were installed.

PI Sheik said, “The Traffic Police has already requested the PWD to remove the signboard, but they have not taken any action.”


Necessary action is a need of the hour. If motorists must adhere to rules then traffic signals and signboards must be kept up-to-date.

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