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Roughly estimating to about 73 kilometres, is the grandeur Cotigao Wildlife Sanctuary. A place that has won visits from many trekkers and nature explorers. The Kuksem waterfall, is perhaps what adds the strongest reason for so many visits. Maybe you have to get there the tough way, it will require a lot of muscle. But the beauty will catch more of your attention. The animals that unintentionally lurk between trees only give you a keener interest in exploring further. a few things that, most certainly, will catch your notice is the flying squirrel and the Malabar pit viper will make you make enliven you with exciting goosebumps. You’ll try so hard to get a closer look or probably you’ll get tempted to get a picture of it. It’s undeniably beauty! The trees will hug you. Tall ones, slightly short, all of them. All around you. Look up for a marvelous canopy view. Feel the sunlight that breaks through. You couldn’t ask for an any better reason to visit or revisit, for any matter.

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