Crocodile Dundee at Cumbarjua Canal, Goa


If your idea of a little boat ride is just rowing about in a simple boat, running the water through the tips of your fingers and admiring the graceful environment, then you’re right. But just about. If you hop into our boat -Crocodile Dundee, we’ll take you one step further. Imagine a boat ride through crocodile’s property? Sounds scary but fun, doesn’t it! Well, at least to the adventurous, we bet it does! Get an up-close look at these reptiles that are most feared by everyone. The Cumbarjua canal is one place you’re bound to catch sight of a crocodile. Sunbathing is a must for the crocodiles. The ones that live in the Cumbarjua canal sunbathe along the muddy banks. As crocodiles are cold-­blooded, they require the heat of the sun to keep warm.

Usually, the crocodiles are just lazing about, popping their eyes above the water and silently watching visitors that canoe through their property. The canal is known to be one of the most beautiful places to row through. The remarkable greenery and delicately coloured birds just make this place picturesque. If you identify a ‘mugger’ crocodile, don’t be too afraid. It is learned that these Muggers are less harmful in comparison to their counterparts elsewhere. A superb crocodile spotting adventure can be put together by Harvey and Neil Alvares. Get to them and they’ll fetch you one hell of a boat ride!

Cumbarjua Canal, Goa