Embrace yourselves for an experience of a life time! We, at Duke Holidays, give you one of the most sought after experience that many adventurous folks crave for. A crocodile spotting adventure. Heard of that one_? Doubt it! Well, if adventure means fun and fun means doing something that will make your knees knobble a bit, let us sail you through it. We oar through waters in which crocodiles camouflage themselves. Yes, crocodiles. The huge jawed, long body reptiles. Stare at the water as firmly as you can and you’ll definitely spot one slowly pushing itself above the water. But while you’re awaiting a slightest notice of a crocodile, don’t miss out on the lovely picture of farm houses and mangroves that are colored with beautiful birds. The plantations looks undeniably beautiful. That farm house that caught your attention if you were looking, read your mind.

That’s, of course, if your mind read that you wanted to have a look inside. In fact, that farm house serves as a warm diner. They serve you a refreshing meal, in fact, they keep the meal ready. Pull out a chair, place your order and while you stare in awe at the simple dressed house, you won’t be able to finish grasping sight of everything before they get your meal at your table. Treat your taste buds to the meal it deserves and hit the water ways for an adventure you would never want to meet an end of.