Experience a waterway adventure. Goa Tours Planners offer you a boat ride amongst its various other offers. As they canoe you through the Zuari rivers, breathe in the moment that brings to life a paradise that cannot fit into words. While Goa is known for its nature and environment, what one may notice but never realize is that beautiful birds also make up part of nature it is known for. The vibrant colored birds, the twisty shaded yet beautifully puzzle looking ones are specks that add to the beauty. And yes, you’ll see it. Don’t let it wear you away, though. There are the Indian Mugger Crocodiles that have their ‘not­-so­-frequently – linking’ eyes popping out of the water, along the banks of the river. If you keep a good eye out, you’ll spot them. That’s, of course, if you don’t mistake them for rocks or a spot of algae. Enjoy a meal at a goan farm house before you go for a further crazy explorative adventure. The meal will definitely add to your ‘so­-far’ good day.

Getting back all energetic into that adventure, curiosity will get the better of you. While you eagerly wonder what’s next, the canoe will take you through the Cumbarjua canals, which have spotted mugger crocodiles in its radar. Oh yeah, the thriving adventure doesn’t finish so fast! Keep a good look out at the water and you’ll catch sight of it. A good sight. Right in between the dense mangroves, there it lies. Slowing raising itself above the water, with its massive body that gives you the goosebumps! What would the fun adventure be without a risky one?! Goa offers a unique crocodile watching experience that makes you want to note it down in a diary or keep in your head for as long as you can. As Goa is situated along the coast, nature gives you an awesome reptile exploring, fish spotting and water birds diving journey to unravel. Simply give yourself the goosebumps.