submerged village- Curdi- hidden gem of Goa

Curdi- A village that appears once a year

submerged village- Curdi- hidden gem of Goa

In the Sanguem taluka of south Goa, lies a hidden Village unlike any other. A place which appears once a year and vanishes as soon as monsoon visits. Can you imagine the Homes that once had warmth, the streets that had kids running around and playing, the religious shrines that used to have gettogether are now all submerged underwater? Let’s discover the story behind this submerged village known as the Curdi Village, where the summer brings back the villagers to reunite with their friends and neighbours and pay homage to the religious shrines.

The submerged past


Curdi Village in Goa also known as Goa’s Atlantis. This village stays submerged underwater for a period of eleven months and then emerges back for a month in the summer.  Further more revealing its secret to the world and bringing back the ancestors. Curdi leading back to the 6th Century BC, However was once a home to around 3000 residents. The construction of the Selaulim dam led to a drastic change in the lives of the villagers. 

The construction of the Selaulim Dam

Selaulim Dam- Goa- Places to visit in Goa-monsoon Goa

The Selaulim dam was built in the 80s to cater the needs of South Goa’s growing population and the rising demand of water. The villagers had no choice but to leave the village eventually as the water rose and submerged the village. But even though the village lies beneath the surface of the water, the memories of the village still remain alive in the hearts of all the former residents. 

Every year when the water recedes the villagers return back to the village. A former resident of the village, Gucharan Kurdikar by the name, who left the village while he was just a ten year old boy. He returns to the village every year to celebrate the annual festival of Someshwar Temple.

Unveiling Curdi

For the past few years some travel agencies have started with trips to the Curdi village. They take the visitors to the Curdi village and give them a tour of the village, introducing its history.  Many people see Curdi as a hidden Gem in Goa’s history. As it symbolizes the sacrifice made by the villagers of Curdi for the rising water demand. The construction of the Selaulim dam was a project that was initiated by the Goa’s first chief minister Mr. Dayanand Bhandodkar. 

Curdis Significance

The most fascinating part of the Curdi village is the Resurfacing of the village every year. And how it brings back together all the ancestral villagers back to celebrate the annual festival. When these villagers return back to their village, they travel back in time to the memory lane as they walk through the ruins of their homes. While the entire village is in ruins, the Someshwar temple stands as a significance of Curdis rich History. Despite the submerged state of Curdi, the village remains a cherished part of Goan history.