Bubbling lake- hot water lake in india

Netravali- The Bubbling Lake Of Goa



Goa is a land known for its stunning beaches and rich culture. But in the serene and beautiful district of South Goa, lies a hidden gem full of folklore and ancient legends waiting to be explored by visitors. A bubbling lake, This water body holds a tale as ancient as time. The tales are passed on from generation to generation. Join us as we discover the tale of the bubbling lake of Goa. 

Legends and Lores

The Netravali Lake is also known by many names like Bud bud, Budbudyachi tali, and Bubble Lake.  The lake is situated in the peaceful village of Netravali and is famous for its bubbles. These bubbles rise continuously from different parts of the lake. It is fascinating to see that the lake reacts to the sounds of clapping. People have different explanations towards the bubbles appearing, some say that the bubbles are caused by the local deity and some say that the bubbles are caused by gases like carbon dioxide or sulphur released. 

Sacred Surrounding

Although it is a lake, it is more like a pond that has steps leading you down to the water. There is a big granite structure in the middle of the lake. The locals hold the lake as a sacred place not only because of its beauty, but also because of the nearby temple, known as Gopinath Temple. 

There’s another fascinating thing about the lake, the bubbles seem to speed up faster if someone is clapping near the pond. The locals believe that the effect of any sound might have something to do with it. There is no scientific evidence as yet as to why the bubbles appear. The kids love to see the lake bubbling. 

Magnetic Attraction

The Goa Government is currently working on making the lake more beautiful to attract tourists. They are planning on improving the road that leads to the lake, adding lights to the area and creating a parking space. Nearby to the lake stands the Historic Gopinath Temple. This temple is a sacred sanctuary dedicated to lord Krishna, known also as Gopinath, a divine lover of all Gopis. The temple’s original idol from the 14th century now resides in The Goa State Museum. The current depiction portrays the deity lord Krishna playing the flute beneath the divine “ Kalpavriksha” Tree, which is also known as the wish-fulfilling tree. It is a symbol of the divine abundance of the Hindu mythology.

Gopinath temples splendor

As you step into the temple you will witness a simple yet powerful structure. The temple is adorned with intricately carved pillars that feature monograms in the silhara-kadamba pattern, reminiscent of the ancient architectural style. Behind the temple, sacred niches carved into the rocks provide a sanctuary for the worshippers to pay homage to the shivling. As the shivling symbolizes the presence of the divine.