Dead couple found in Colva likely killed selves due to family pressure


Not much was known about the couple whose bodies were found at Colva, hanging from a tree, 2 days ago. According to sources, more information has come to light about them suggesting that they likely committed suicide due to family interference.

The bodies of Beran Singh (25) and Harvinder Kaur (18) were found hanging from a coconut tree, behind the Kentuckee restaurant on Colva beach.

After tracing their identities and that they were from Punjab, the Colva police contacted their counterparts in Punjab and asked them to find the parents of the couple. It is further learned that the boy, Beran Singh was working at a hotel run by Ms. Kaur’s father in Hoshiyarpur, where they fell in love.

However, in true movie fashion, Harvinder Kaur’s father did not approve of the boy and objected to the relationship and subsequent marriage. This led to the couple fleeing Hoshiyarpur for Goa.

According to sources, it is learned that they stayed in a small guesthouse close to the beach and were on the lookout for jobs but could not find any.

It was disclosed that Harvinder had Rs. 30000 in her possession. This led the Colva police to believe that the couple might have gotten married in a temple here in Goa.

The Punjab police have informed the Colva police that the parents of the couple will arrive in Goa within the next 3 days. The bodies will be handed over to family members after the post-mortem is conducted.

Source – Herald Goa and Navhind Times