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Death for the man on hunger strike in Porvorim ?

His photos are trending on Facebook and his issue is being discussed on various social media platforms. However, the man on a hunger strike in Porvorim is still seeking justice after 35 days of protest.

Sitting under the scorching sun for over a month, Balkrishna’s skin is severely sun burnt. However, a parched throat and hunger pangs cannot stop him from emptying the sorrows of his pained heart.

If your daughters were traumatized, insulted and abused, wouldn’t you seek justice too? That’s exactly what 44-year-old Balkrishna Busa of Dona Paula is demanding since 2014.


Why is he on a hunger strike in Porvorim ?

Balkrishna alleges that his two daughters were victimized and harassed by a Headmistress of a particular school in Taleigao. They were studying at that school in 2014.

He says that the Headmistress used to inflict corporal punishment on his daughters. Also, she repeatedly asked them to clean the school toilets. In addition, the Headmistress used to collect fines of close to Rs 500 and Rs 1000 for minor mistakes and for forgetting to wear their school identification (ID) cards.

“My young daughters were abused with filthy language. Moreover, there were rebuked for being OBCs (Other Backward Class). Also, if they didn’t pay the fine, they were suspended,” says the father.

“My wife Geeta Busa has lodged several complaints. Inspite of several orders, no action is forthcoming against the Headmistress,” laments Balkrishna.

What happened before he went on a hunger strike in Porvorim ?

Panaji police on March 15, 2014 had registered a first information report (FIR) against the headmistress of the school for alleged mental and physical harassment of students in her school. In fact the complaint was lodged by six parents against the headmistress, reports ToI.

The Goa State Commission for Protection of Child Rights on August 26, 2014 in its final order had recommended the Directorate of Education to either initiate disciplinary action against the Headmistress or terminate her services, reports NT.

In addition, the eight member commission chaired by Samira Kazi had stated that “The school in-charge is liable for severe punishment for her unbecoming acts,” reports NT.

Several other orders and departmental enquiries have been conducted. Strangely enough, the headmistress remains untouched.

“She is politically connected. Hence she is not being pulled up,” scoffs Balkrishna.

Giving up his government job and construction contracts, Balkrishna has now dedicated his life to obtaining justice for his daughters.

“I will continue this protest for as long as I have to. Even if I have to die, I will die seeking justice,” says the aggrieved father, on protest outside the Directorate of Education since January 5, this year.

Should we as Goans, Indians or humans, let this injustice prevail? Or get together and do something about it? Write in and let us know.

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8 thoughts on “Death for the man on hunger strike in Porvorim ?”

  1. My heart goes out to this gentlemen for doing all that he can to get justice to the queen’s of his heart….his daughters. It’s not all roses to sit in the scorching sun for such a long time and the heat which penetrates into his skin. Proud of this father.Today it is his daughter’s tomorrow will be yours. Will justice be given to him?

  2. Such mishaps happen and nobody cares to listen. And so these incidents keep on repeating over and over again. Why is there no system to listen to people. Why is it “Every man for himself” in a country with such large population. I hope someone at least tells people the right ways to get their grievances redressed.

  3. It goes to show that misogyny is rampant and probably starts in our schools. Women are in need of liberation from their own.

  4. If the allegations are true there should be an investigation in the matter and the Headmistress should be dismissed from service as an example that such behaviour is intolerable whatever political connections she may have.
    I appreciate the father for his stand and fully support him

  5. It’s a very sad case…there is no reason justifying what these girls have been through and the headmistress does deserve a punishment…balkrishna must now use media method to pressurise and get justice…media holds great power and now that he’s matter is social already I am very sure the people of goa will definitely cm together..#fight#justice#hope#

    1. Whatever the school in charge Is doing totally wrong. like how we vl do make in India by insulting n abusing femals of country ????
      These steps r not going to word make in India bt its going to word make corrupt india

    are you all so selfish? is there nobody who will help this man in getting justice?
    today its him, tomorrow you. THINK!

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