Dentists from Goa receives extortion letter from dead founder of ISIS ‘Abu Zarqawi’

Some dentists practicing in the coastal belt of Goa were in for a shock when they received an extortion letter signed by Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) founder Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. However, Zarqawi was killed in an airstrike in 2006. The dentists are more worried since they received more than one letter, making them take the threat seriously even though someone is using a dead terrorist’s name.

One of the dentists were asked to pay Rs. 2 crores as protection money. The dentist was also threatened with death threats if she did not comply. She was instructed to tie a white cloth on her clinic as a sign of agreement. The dentist complied and tied a white cloth on the door of her clinic as a safety measures. The extortionist mentioned that he was aware of her flourishing practice. The letter was signed in the name of Zarqawi.

The dentists in coastal areas of Goa are known to make good money due to foreigners often being their clients. The foreigner nationals have to pay a higher price for a dentist’s services in their home country as compared to that of India. Hence, foreign tourists on a holiday in Goa, go to local dentists for treatment to save money. This has led to the dentist in coastal belts have a flourishing practices. Many a times some foreign nationals travel to Goa to specifically avail the benefit of price difference.


The Calangute police station has registered a case against the unknown person. They are currently investigating the matter. Besides the Goa police, Maharashtra anti-terror squad (ATS) is also probing the matter as one of the dentist who received the is from Maharashtra but practices in Goa during the season.

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