Devious old crook arrested for tricking minor girls

In a recent case, the Goa cyber crime police arrested one, Chandrahas Rane (36) of Kalmamal, Borim, Ponda for tricking young girls into sending their nude pictures to him. The accused used facebook to contact the girls. He told them he would help them get into the modelling career.

The were girls unaware that they were being played. Rane made fake female facebook accounts and texted the girls. He convinced them that he was from a modelling agency and made them send their nude and semi-nude pictures.

The police found several photographs that belonged to at least 10 different girls some of which appeared to be minor in age. The accused told the police that he was doing all of this to avenge his break-up. Although, the police are trying to find out whether the accused misused these photographs in any way.


Rane was working with a casino based in the South of Goa, the police informed. Once the accused befriended the girls, he would ask them to send their regular pictures, semi-nude then nude through facebook. He would then offer the victims especially teenagers a career in modelling. Without suspecting anything, the girls would send him pictures, the police informed.

If they refused to continue sending more pictures, Rane blackmailed them by saying he would make the pictures public which was already with him.

After getting all the pictures, Rane asked the victims for their facebook password for authentication purpose and got into their accounts.

The police said that during investigation it was found that the accused used all possible ways to hide his identity online. He used his ‘old’ residential address which he had left 4 years ago to get an internet connection. But he was using the internet only at night and kept changing the internet connections to avoid getting caught.

The incident came to light when a woman from North Goa filed a complaint saying that her minor daughter’s fake facebook account was created and that another woman blackmailed her on facebook itself. The police have found about 125 indecent pictures of the girl and added to these pictures of different girls have been found.

Chandrahas Rane has been arrested and has been remanded to police custody for 7 days. The police have attached two mobile phones, three SIM cards and one dongle used by Rane to commit the crime. They are in the process of analysing the laptop and the mobile phone and suspect there could be more such indecent pictures of girls.

He was nabbed following a thorough investigation conducted by the cyber crime police team.




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