Dumping Garbage to be under CCTV surveillance in Mapusa


Dumping Garbage? Not anymore. “You are being watched!”

Dumping garbage in Mapusa has gained enormous proportions.  People have been dumping garbage in unauthorised areas. The Mapusa Municipal Council has finally opened its eyes or so it seems.

Modus Operandi of the miscreants

Illegal garbage disposal is usually carried out at the crack of dawn or during the wee hours of the morning. The touts off-load trucks of unsegregated garbage randomly on the outskirts of Mapusa and even in and around the main city. These sites, over a period of time, have become an eye sore.

Plan in place

As per the resolution passed on 27th May this year, Mapusa Municipal Council (MMC) has identified ten locations across its jurisdiction for installing CCTV cameras to kerb the garbage dumping menace.

  1. Another significant resolution got passed for implementing the amended Goa non-biodegradable garbage (control) act 1996, during the council meeting. This resolution will empower local civic bodies to penalise the defaulters. Those found dumping garbage in nullahs, public drainage system, by the roadside or open places will now have to pay a fine.
  2. In case of residential houses the act allows to impose a fine of Rs 200 for the first offence, Rs 500 for second offence and Rs 5,000 and or imprisonment for one month for every subsequent offence.
  3. In case of commercial establishments, the defaulter will have to pay a fine of Rs 2,000 first offence, Rs 5,000 for the second offence and Rs 25,000 and or imprisonment of one month for every subsequent offence.

Camera Locations

According to a survey across the municipal jurisdiction of Mapusa, areas identified for installation of CCTV were as follows : Housing board – Ganeshpuri, Karaswada – Colvale border area, Cunchelim – Karaswada junction, Paulo house at     Altinho, Remanso hospital, Old Asilo hospital, Opposite fish market, Opposite Remy photo studio, Ghateshwar temple and Canca bypass road.

Chief Officer Says :

When contacted chief officer Clen Madeira said, “The locations are identified where garbage is being dumped and CCTV cameras will be installed to check on defaulters. A fine will be imposed and if the same person is caught on more than three occasions, a case will be registered against him, he can also be imprisoned for a period of one month”.

“Our major concern is Mapusa border areas where garbage is brought and dumped along the roadside either late night or early morning. We have also issued challan books to all supervisors so that if they catch any defaulter they can fine them. However, people dump garbage at odd timings and hence CCTV cameras will play an important role,” added the chief officer.

The entire CCTV installation process should be complete by November. On completion, fines will be imposed on defaulters, Madeira stated as per an NT report.

We hope that efforts of the MMC will pay off.