Mayem Lake beautification project : Tourist Destination


Mayem Lake is located in Bicholim taluka, North Goa, East of the market town of Mapusa. The region in which the lake is located is very peaceful. A short drive away from the lake you’ll find a small water fountain built in 1927, as the plaque indicates, it still supplies water to neighbouring residents.


With the ongoing beautification process of the Mayem Lake, the prolonged requirement will be taken care of in a short time. Due to non-maintenance the Lake had lost its reputation as a beautiful tourist spot, remarked local villagers.


The estimated cost of the beautification is about 9 crores, sources said. Presently 60 percent of the first phase of work is scheduled to be completed by the end of November and by December 2016 the project will be thrown open to public.

Environmentalist Ramesh Gawas said that the local youth of the village should be given job opportunities as there are many unemployed youth in Mayem. And went on to add that the natural beauty of the lake should not be damaged at any cost.

The tourism department has set a target for developing the Mayem Lake as an international tourist centre and this ambitious project would be completed in phases, said Mayem MLA, Anand Shet.

The GTDC-run Mayem Lake Resort offers economical accommodation in self-contained cottages and dormitories.

The lake itself sits on wooded shores in a landscape of low hills. A large number of birds have been spotted in this area, with a variety of birds making their home on the shores of the lake.

This is the most famous lake in Goa and also one of the most popular tourist destinations on the go-to list of nearly all the sight-seeing tours organised.

New features  to be added soon at Mayem Lake :

  • Provisions for parking
  • Greenery development
  • Children’s park
  • Boating facilities
  • Modern restaurant
  • Theatre for conducting cultural programmes
  • Art galleries for artists and artisans
  • Stalls for eatables
  • Other facilities for tourists

All nature lovers, be sure to make Mayem Lake your next get-away.