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Humans of Goa – Mazel Faleiro is Our Next Guest On | DJs of Goa Series

Mazel Faleiro is a class act. She’s jumpy at work for a Sports Management Company during the day but at night, she’s making club goers jump all night long.

So how did a young girl from Margao go on to become one of Goa’s top DJs?

Let’s find out!

Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares inspirational stories from the lives of Goans.

Let’s get started.


Tell us about yourself…

Hey everyone, my name is Mazel Boneiface Faleiro. My loved ones call me Maezu. My instagram handle is @dj_curly_m.

I live at Margao and I am a DJ by profession but also doubling as an influencer by demand. I am currently also interning at a Sports Management Company in Business Development.


What was that one moment when you decided that, “That’s it! I want to become one of the top DJs of Goa”

I always had my heart set on being unique. I wanted to be my own boss, It’s not just being passionate about music, but also expressing myself through what I do and what I love.

I joined the great list of DJs of Goa at the age of 16.

DJing gives me the opportunity to make people through my music. DJing is not just about mixing songs, it’s more about mixing the blissful emotions of people and coercing them to set their soul free!

I feel privileged when I get accoladed by listeners and club-goers after my set.


A bit about your role models. People you look up to…any inspirational moment you remember in your life that changed everything…

My failures, changed everything. I fear, ‘not making mistakes’ than ‘making mistakes’.

Every time I commit a mistake, it compels me to correct it and to be better the next time.

My failures have been my biggest inspiration and motivation. I just don’t “strive” to be better but I “work” to be better then yesterday. I do this for me and my mother.

What was the biggest challenge when pursuing this as a fulltime career? And how did you overcome it?

“After all, she’s a girl. What can we expect from her?”
“After all, you are a female artist. Your journey is simpler and sorted, you don’t have to work hard at all”
“Why did you allow your daughter to become a DJ? That’s only meant for boys not girls”

Being a “female artist” before being an “artist”, I had to face a lot of taunts spilled by my own friends and colleagues.

Some people forget that female artists can also be industrious, dedicated, consistent, zealous, and be their own boss.

I didn’t have a godfather in the industry. My performance was always tested or observed not just because female disk jockeys are rare but also because they wanted to check my DJing ability.

Many came up and told me that I won’t make it. Not because it’s hard, but because it’s hard for women even have a vision.


What are some memories as a kid? Maybe when you saw a DJ do his thing on the turntable or something from pop culture that influenced you?

Back then when I was a child (approximately around 7th or 8th grade), I watched a DJ at a corporate gig.

Watching him mix songs lighted a spark in me that was full of curiosity.
I innocently asked him, “Can I do this too??”

And he replied “Yes yes! Why not?”

I basically forgot about it but soon I made it my dream – become one of the top DJs in Goa.


Name your favorite DJ (or musician) or anyone in your industry that you want to be like. Any fanboy moment you experienced or precious advice someone gave you?

Yes I do admire a lot of DJs. There are too many favorites of mine to name.

Not exactly fanboy moments, but I do feel honored to receive praise from people who want to learn from me. I get told by a lot of men that I have achieved something they always wanted to achieve i.e. play music on a stage.


Who is the one person you’d like to meet from the past? And what would you ask him/her?

If I had a chance to meet anyone from the past it would be my Father. I lost my father this January 2021. Every single time I achieve something special, I wish he was here to see me achieve it.

What role did family and friends play? Any quick incident you recall that helped you overcome a hurdle or challenge in life with help from fam?

My parents played a massive role in building my career. Their constant support and sacrifices encouraged me to win many victories.

I am incessantly grateful to both of them for believing, supporting, and trusting in me.

Hats off to my super papa and super mama. Also, not forgetting my close buddies who have always encouraged me.


What were the learnings that shaped you to become one of the top DJs of Goa?

Besides being intense about music I am very fascinated about football and have taken a small step towards that by interning at a Sports Management Company.

I feel honored to receive a huge demand by brands I always admired.


What were people’s feedback (negative and positive), and who stood by you the most?

It’s never the “negative feedbacks” but a lot of “lessons”. Yes I do receive hell lotta love from people after my set ,when they tell me they grooved to my performance and would love to attend more of my gigs, it’s a pleasure!

You can catch a snippet of this conversation on ItsGoa‘s Instagram page. Humans of Goa is our original and official series that shares stories from the lives of Goans. ‘Humans of Goa’ celebrates the spirit of every Goan.

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