Tourists’ plans washed away due to downpour


Monsoon storms in New Delhi washed away plans of tourists to Goa, when several flights to and from Goa were delayed.

Warnings were issued by airlines to their customers about the delays in Delhi. However most airlines made up for lost time. According to reports, all landing and takeoff operations were delayed at New Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport due to the heavy rainfall in the capital region, and one flight was diverted to Jaipur.

At least eight flights from Goa to Delhi or vice-versa showed delayed status. Air Asia flight AI-775 from Delhi to Goa was delayed by nearly an hour in the afternoon. IndiGo flight 6E 399 from Delhi to Goa also found itself in rough weather due to heavy rains in the capital. Several airlines issued multiple alerts to customers informing them about delays.

Hope the tourists in Goa have a pleasant stay and take back wonderful memories of the season.

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