Drishti ferry services to commence again from 1st October

The monsoons are one of the more pleasant seasons in Goa. The weather is pleasantly cool, everything turns green for as far as the eye can see and thanks to the rain, Goa wears what can possibly be perceived as a clean look. Of course, the roads do get mucky but it’s a small price to pay in some ways to appreciate the beauty of Goa in the monsoons. Goa still tends to be popular during the monsoons with tourists visiting despite the fact that a lot of activities are at a standstill when it’s pouring in the state. Boating, watersports and other beach-related activities get temporarily shut down, usually until October. Similarly, the Drishti ferry services that were suspended at the start of this year’s monsoon season, will now begin from 1st October.

Ferry services will begin by next month once more

With the seas being rough during Goa’s 4-month-long monsoon season, Drishti ferry services were put on hold. However, come 1st October and the ferry terminal that was built at Baina will once again open to serve passengers arriving at the Dabolim airport. Every year at the time of the monsoons, activities like watersports and swimming come to a complete halt. This is done to avoid any disasters and risks to tourists visiting the state. Similarly, Drishti ferry services were also suspended temporarily in order to prevent risks to passengers.

The Airport Ferry Terminal was inaugurated at Baina some time ago and was utilized until the onset of the monsoons. There were rumors that the jetty at the terminal was washed away due to the strong waves off Baina beach but Drishti was quick to assure the concerned parties that this was not true. In fact, the terminal and the jetty are actually completely dismantlable, keeping in with CRZ norms and this is what Drishti did before the monsoons commenced. Ferry services will be recommissioned and the jetty will be rebuilt.


CEO of Drishti Marine, Mr. Ravi Shankar also pointed out that the jetty is a temporary structure and can only be utilized in good weather conditions. It will be re-erected in time for ferry services to begin for the new tourist season.

“The infrastructure created is such that the jetty can be easily dismantled and stored safely during bad weather conditions. The same was done when the sea was rough due to the Ockhi cyclone last year,” he said.

Easing traffic woes with the Drishti ferry services

It’s no secret that the roads in Goa get choked with traffic at certain times of the year. This is a frequent occurrence during the peak months of November and December which is when the state sees an influx of foreigners and domestic tourists. It results in more vehicles on the roads and a definite increase in pollution as well. Therefore to combat this problem, the government decided to start the ferry terminal and use the waterways as a means of getting tourists from one place to another with ease.

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