Dudhsagar Waterfalls – The legend of Sugared Milk



Situated in Collem (Kulem), a village in the Indian state of Goa around 60 km off Panaji, the state capital, lies the ‘Dudhsagar waterfalls – the legend of sugared milk’.  Connected to the other places in the state like Panaji and Margao with a road and railway network.

Legend behind the Milky white water

In the days gone by, there lived a powerful and rich king on the top of a mountain in the Western Ghats along the Goan frontier. He lived in a lavish palace made of pure ivory and embedded by precious stones.  Around this palace, there were luxuriant gardens abounding in a vast variety of flowers. At one end of the forest, which fringed the king’s palace, there was a picturesque lake. In the panoramic setting of this lake, the king’s daughter, accompanied by her ladies-in-waiting, went to bathe. While bathing she was sipping on sugared milk which one of her maids served to her in a pure gold jug. One day, while she was sipping at the milk, a prince passed by. The Prince stopped on hearing the sound of people nearby. Immediately, the princess poured the milk in the pond to shield her body from the glances of the stranger.

It is believed that the sugared milk that was poured by the virtuous and modest princess still comes flowing down in torrents along that side of the mountain.

The beauty of the waterfall and location

Perched on the lofty peaks of the Western Ghats, the Dudh Sagar waterfalls offer unrivaled beauty, and amazing scenery full of exquisite charm when in full flux after the monsoon showers. Like an idyllic Eden cradled luxuriously in the mountains, the Dudh Sagar waterfalls, which from a distance appear like milky streams, gradually climax into a gushing cascade as they come into full view of the onlookers. Undoubtedly there are other wonderful waterfalls in the rest of this wide world, but the Dudh Sagar waterfalls with their strange, mystical fascination are a dream come true. The uneclipsed vision, furnished by this native waterfall as it plunges over crag-covered precipices and stupendous steeps, belies description. This is one of Goa’s most attractive and ideal picnic spots mainly offering charismatic natural beauty and amazing scenery when in full flow after the monsoons.

The waterfall initially appears like streams of milk flowing down the mountain which later culminates into gushing cascades after they come in full view of the awestruck visitors. It is perched on lofty heights of the Western Ghats and falls from a height of 603 meters. The celestial intervention in the origin of these waterfalls adds a mystic significance to Dudhsagar, almost like a dream come true. Even words cannot describe this stupendous charisma of mythical fascination which is almost similar to a second Eden cradled luxuriously in the mountains. Dudhsagar is even accessible through buses and taxis which can be taken from Panaji city.

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