Eats - the Goan Take away in Mumbai

Eats, an authentic Goan takeaway comes to Mumbai


Eats, an authentic Goan food takeaway outlet recently opened in Kalina, Mumbai. The idea was to bring the flavours of Goa to Mumbai. Conceptualized by the very enterprising Jeson Mendonca, Eats has already left Mumbaikars asking for more.

Jeson Mendonca outside his very own Goan food takeaway Eats Pic. Credit: Xafira Mendonsa

A little about Jeson

Born and brought up in Porvorim, North Goa, Jeson had a dream of introducing  Goan seafood to ‘Mumbaikars’.  His mother, an excellent cook, wanted to set Jeson up and so together the dream of opening their own food outlet materialized. Jeson’s intention was to offer “easy-to-digest and tasty to munch-on seafood.” Having worked in a very famous Bar and Restaurant in Mumbai’s Churchgate area he had the experience and know-how of what people were looking for. “He then decided to take the plunge and gamble”, says he and is extremely happy with the decision. According to his friends, Jeson comes across as a very jovial and humorous guy. Many flock the place to meet him over a plate of tasty munchies that Eats offers. Rising at 4 am he shoots off to the Docks, where fresh fish arrives daily by trawlers. Working round the clock to satisfy his customers’ every whim, Jeson only rests at 1 am after closing shop.

Flavours to expect at Eats

“Seafood is an all-time favourite,” says  Jeson. “The first thing that crosses one’s mind when hungry and when one’s taste buds crave for the Goan-Portuguese, spicy-tangy flavour is for something really satisfying to munch. Well, Eats is that perfect place.”

Mother and son duo that made it possible. Pic. Credit: Xafira Mendonsa

Xafira’s home-made masalas make the difference

Eats specializes in all the Goan flavours and styles of food. The masalas are authentic and have been tastefully prepared with lots of love by his mom, Ms. Xafira Mendonsa, appreciated and loved by all who have visited Eats.

Pomfrets all spiced up with the famous Goan Rechead Masala

Not just a takeaway

Eats is not just a takeaway. Food is freshly prepared for one’s choice of flavours and spices at the live kitchen. Be it the spicy red Rachead or tasty green masala (a ground spice paste). Says Jeson, “All you got to do is, tell the Chef to cater to your taste buds and you get it right away. The quality and variety of fresh Seafood and Chicken are truly amazing for the price that you pay.” Jeson recommends the “amazing homemade Rachead masala (spicy-tangy red paste) and the other Goan masalas as per your choice.”

Squids in Rechead Masala ready for the taking

Specialties at Eats

“Goan squids batter fried and prawns (shrimp) batter fried can be ordered in either red or green masala. Pomfret/Mackerel/Bombay Ducks in Rechead masala is a MUST TRY besides all kinds of fish and chicken.”

Tantalizing Prawns batter fried in red and green masala

According to Jeson, “Eats is looking to grow bigger, adding a lot more to the menu than just Seafood and Chicken,” with an outlet even in ‘amchem Goi’ (our Goa). Food can be packed as a takeaway or eaten hot from the cooking pot. It is something to be savoured. To experience the joy of eating, one must be there. Its worth it! The décor and ambiance are simple but give you that positive vibe. Just drive by and visit the place to enjoy the taste and feel of Goa.”

Tasty and munchy prawn croquettes by Xafira herself

You can find Eats at :



Phone:  Jeson Mendonsa on +91 9967586929

Information and picture credit: Jeson Mendonca