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Goa is the venue for the Startup India Venture Capital Summit 2018


There is constant talk of making Goa the next IT hub. Earlier this year, the government celebrated the Goa Startup and Innovation Day and even got the Goa Startup Policy approved. Now, The Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Government of Goa, is hosting the annual Startup India Venture Capital Summit in Goa on December 07, 2018.

Bringing in Venture Capital from across the globe to Goa

The startup ecosystem received a great boost when the Goa Institute of Management hosted the WIEF IdeaLab 2018 conference on campus in October this year. Now, with Goa hosting the one-day event known as the Startup India Venture Capital Summit, the plan is to attract more capital from investors across the globe into Goa.

The ministry released a statement saying the theme of the summit is ‘Mobilizing Global Capital for Innovation in India.’

It also said that “The event will showcase the Indian startup opportunity for funds from around the world. The summit aims to attract more global capital into the country.”

Through this event on Goan soil, enable a dialogue between Government and experienced Venture Capital fund managers on ways to further promote the startup ecosystem in India.

Over 150 participants are expected to be a part of the summit bringing together government officials, domestic and international startups, global fund managers and others from the Indian entrepreneurial community on one platform.

With these kinds of statistics, it’s not any wonder that the Government of Goa is keen on building the state into a premier startup destination, adding to its existing popularity as a tourist destination. In fact, the government would like to ensure that Goa features in the top 25 start-up destinations in Asia by 2025.

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