Ice Cream Parlours

Every day is ice-cream day in Porvorim! Here are 7 of the best ice-cream parlours


Porvorim has really become the hub of all things good. Recently we covered 7 of the best pizza places in Porvorim, and now we’re taking a look at 7 of the best ice-cream parlours. No one can deny the sheer awesomeness of ice-cream. It’s dessert, comfort food, a refresher on a hot day, or your best friend. The beauty of ice-cream lies in the fact that you can eat it just about anytime. If you live in and around Porvorim, you are literally spoiled for choice! You can get just about any kind or flavour of ice-cream your heart desires. So grab a spoon and dig in!


This latest addition to Porvorim is not new to Goa, having opened a couple of years ago in Miramar. Ibaco brings an interesting concept of ice-cream by weight and includes a handful of delightful toppings and additions. Adding to that is the fact that Ibaco goes beyond just ice-cream by offering a delightful selection of chocolates, and some scrumptious ice-cream cakes. One of their USPs is their offering of white chocolate ice-cream, something you definitely don’t find everywhere.

Baskin Robbins

Further down the road from Ibaco is the OG of ice-cream parlours in Porvorim – Baskin Robbins. Before most of the other ice-cream joints opened up, good ol’ Baskin Robbins was the sole provider of ice-creamy goodness – and little has changed. With favourites like the Mississippi Mud, Gold Medal Ribbon, or the eccentric Cotton Candy, you just can’t go wrong with a classic! If you’re not in the mood for ice-cream though, Baskin Robbins makes a mean ice-cream milkshake.

O’Mio Gelataria

So gelato is not exactly ice-cream – but it’s pretty darn close. In the couple of years that it’s been open, O’Mio has become a hit with all ages. Situated on the busy CHOGM road right next to Gastronut, O’Mio serves up some delectable, creamy, Italian gelato. Though their flavours are limited, what they have is more than enough to drive you crazy. The best part about gelato is that if you can’t decide between two flavours, just get both! At O’Mio, you can do two different flavours in a single-serve – so go crazy!


Fancy imports aside, Havmor is the epitome of good ol’ Indian ice-cream. From selling ice-creams in a cart in the 1940s to becoming one of the fastest-growing ice-cream brands in India, Havmor keeps it simple. Their parlour on Chogm Road near Sapna Gardens offers all your favourite flavours in a cup or cone, though if you’re looking to eat your treat later, they also sell all manner of packaged ice-creams. Our favourite is definitely their range of kulfis. Oh and while you’re there, don’t forget to check-in and like them on Facebook for a free scoop!

Danken Blissful Ice Cream

Here’s another new one that opened up not too long ago on CHOGM Road. Their reasonably priced ice-creams attract a lot of people, and if that’s not enough, they’re one of the few ice-cream parlours that serve up fresh fruit ice-creams, similar to Naturals. The range of flavours at Danken is quite unique. In the fruit section, they have favourites such as Sitafel, Tender Coconut, Litchi, and Musk Melon, and on the other hand, they have some interesting commercial flavours such as Rose Petal, Mango Cheesecake, Afghan Mewa, and interestingly, a Paan flavoured ice-cream!

Flavours 24

Right across the road from Sapna Gardens is Flavours 24, the only ice-cream parlour on this list that also serves up a scrumptious FroYo – aka, Frozen Yoghurt. Yes! If you’re a frozen yogurt fan, then you definitely need to check out Flavours 24. You can get all your favourite ice-cream flavours here with some rather inventive toppings – like mini marshmallows and a huge selection of jellies, but it’s the FroYo that most people come for. Non-fat, sugar-free, and guilt-free, the Flavours 24 frozen yogurt selection includes flavours such as mango, orange, peach, lychee, and interestingly, bourbon chocolate biscuit, and red velvet. Yum!


Iceberg is probably the most popular on the entire list, owing to their cold stone creations, and the fact that they’re open pretty late. Ice-cream lovers flock to Iceberg to get a load of their amazing sundaes. The true charm of Iceberg is in their cold-stone preparations. Choose a flavour, and watch them ‘roll’ out your ice-cream right in front of you. Then top it up with anything from fruits to snickers, waffle sticks to gum jellies, they have it all. We suggest trying out their bubble waffle cones. Some may argue it tastes better than the ice-cream!

So, which one of these ice-cream parlours is your favourite? Or did we leave any out? Let us know in the comments below.