Velrose Pereira

Goans Abroad – featuring Velrose Pereira, trumpet player and actress


If there’s one thing that differentiates Goans from other Indians, it’s the fact that music runs in our blood. It is the genetic disposition of 99% Goans to be drawn to music in some way, shape, or form. Be it playing an instrument, singing, dancing, or organising events that bring together all of these, you can rely on a Goan to show their musical side oneway or another. What’s more, as Goans, we’re proud of our rich music heritage and ensure that no matter where we are in the world, we represent. Goa has seen so many great musicians taking the spirit of Goan music abroad. From Remo Fernandes in Portugal to our recent coverage of the extremely talented violinist Marietta D’Almeida in London, Goans have been known to represent this tiny state with pride wherever they go. The latest in this string of Goan musicians making Goa proud is trumpet player and actress Velrose Pereira who is currently making waves in Canada and North America.

A love affair with the camera

Hailing from the beautiful and picturesque village of St Estevam, Velrose Pereira has been in love with the camera, and in particular YouTube ever since she was 11. On her YouTube channel, she has a very candid video where she talks about how she went about creating her presence on YouTube, and how she was so petrified initially, that when she uploaded her first video at 11 years old, she pulled it down the very next day. Velrose Pereira has come a long way since then though, and a quick search for her on YouTube will show a number of beautiful original Konkani songs that she has featured on as a vocalist and a trumpet player – something that is very rare for a girl who is all of 23 now.

From the trumpet to the theatre

Presently in Canada, Velrose Pereira recently completed her graduation from York University in the field of theatre studies and performance. Her plan now is to put Goan music and theatre on the global stage, starting with North America. In an interview with Pio Esteves for a popular Goan publication, she said, “Prince Jacob was the reason behind the choice.” This came after she was asked to play the part of a disabled person in one of Jacob’s tiatrs, a role she played to perfection. 

She goes on to talk about how her pillars of support have been people like Norman Cardozo who supported her doing shows in Goa and abroad, and more importantly, Goa’s nightingale Lorna, who helped her make some tough life decisions. She says, “initially when I was seeking admissions at the university, things were quite rough. But despite being some of my hardest days, Lorna persuaded me not to give up my university studies.” Great advice from an even greater woman, because now Velrose Pereira is set to take on the theatre stages of North America, hopefully showing the world how talented Goans are.

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