And So, the experiential design atelier opens its doors in Goa


Becoming an adult is truly a coming of age story. For the first time in your life, you earn your own money. If you save up properly, you can buy yourself all kinds of pretty things and go everywhere you want, in the world. You can even buy your very own home for the first time. Something that no one can take away from you. And a home is a very personal place. You want to create it how you see it in your mind’s eye. You want to design it yourself and create a space that you are comfortable in. But where do you go to find beautiful interiors that you can customize to suit your needs? And So! That’s where.

The study. One of my favorite spaces at And So.
Image credit – And So

And So, a first-of-its-kind flagship design store

Everyone seems to be moving to Goa these days. They are buying homes here to make the move permanent. But there are definite challenges when it comes to setting up a home in Goa. Things seem to be less available here as compared to out of state. Simple things like getting a plumber or a carpenter to come in and put in fixtures or make a dining table set. It’s just not easy finding people in these professions anymore. Also, let’s face it. Everyone wants a readymade home set up in this day and age. They want to find everything in the same space be it bedroom, study, living room furnishings or even a dining room set up.

This is where And So comes in. Goa has never had a store like this. Walking in was truly an experience. The entire store speaks of class and comfort. There are spaces that make you feel right at home the minute you walk in. It’s hard to tell that every space is made up of a number of combinations of the 14 brands available at And So. Everything you see is handpicked and carefully curated to bring you the right amount of classiness. Right now, they have a dining room, bedroom, living room and even a study setup. Each space has a unique design and is done to complement the ‘sossegado’ aura of Goa.

There are no walls to separate the spaces. Strategically placed planters give the illusion of walls.

And So’s interiors will change every quarter just to ensure that customers experience something different when they visit.

Bedroom set up at And So.
Image credit – And So

Anjali Mody, the beauty, and brains behind And So

It’s obvious that And So was created with a lot of happiness, love, and care. And after meeting Anjali Mody, the lady behind it all, along with her team, it’s even more obvious. If I were to use just one word to describe Anjali, during our chat, that word is ‘excited’. It’s not hard to see why. After all, the idea behind And So was to create a place that everyone would love on sight. 

Like Anjali says, I’m definitely excited. I fell in love with Goa and have made it my home. The place and the people are just different. It’s a feeling you don’t feel anywhere else.” High praise from someone who has been in the field of product and interior design for the last 8 years and has lived abroad as well. 

She adds, “Growing out of a pure need to have ease of comfort in shopping, we want to be able to provide a space that allows customers to buy everything under one roof. And So is also a collective of designers, with strong & interesting stories to tell. The store caters to a multitude of brands from across the world, specializing in well crafted, good quality pieces  ranging from furniture, lighting, accessories, art, carpets, linen and even plants.”

“We aim to create new ways of experiencing retail, to design collective thinking and practices that step beyond the boundaries of individual studios. Our vision is for AND SO to become the voice and platform that allows people from different practices to come together to create products that are thoughtful and delightful. Goa is especially dear to us for the people it attracts, its melting pot of ideals and consciousness towards the art of making and the environment. Our group of artisans will flourish here with the efforts we put forth towards their growth.”

Anjali Mody and Anthony Kordolia of And So at the launch of the store.
Image credit – And So

And So has a long way to go…

Anjali is not alone in this endeavor. Adding creative heavyweight to the design philosophy of AND SO in Goa, is Anthony Kordolia, Chief Head of Production, who will oversee manufacturing processes in Goa inspired by the landscape, the art and culture and world savvy vibrancy of the State of Goa.

Mr. Kordolia states, “Goa has been the land of magic and inspiration to many for decades. She attracts people from all over the world who possess multiple talents based on various mediums. By having a state of the art factory to play with, AND SO becomes the beacon of fun and well-built products. It will not only help the state by employing many but also put Goa on the map for incubating thoughtful designers and makers. In the end, if you are in India, it just better be in Goa.”

And So is definitely designed for the well-traveled, well informed, curious about design, price aware individual ready to invest into the right lifestyle choice that reflects his and her personality. It truly offers you an experience in interior design. There are certain spaces and pieces of furniture that draw you in and make you want to say, “this is mine.” At least, it’s how I felt. If you want to feel the same way, visit the store. You’ll  definitely fall in love with all it has to offer. 

AND SO is located at FC Goa House, Delta Centre, H.No.850, Off N.H.17, Defence Colony, Porvorim, Penha de França, Goa- 403251.

Store timing: 10am – 7pm 

Store Contact: +91-8323915770