‘FDA Kitchen Nightmares’ 15 restaurants raided 10 sealed in Calangute

Will they make a comeback?

Fifteen restaurants raided in Calangute by the Food and Drugs Administration. The FDA has been working their toes off giving restaurants monsoon surprises this year.

Locals have shown a bit of a dismay regarding the restaurants raided and shut down, as it was their regular meet-up places.

The food may be pretty and well served with an award for plating but the inside-kitchen stories would haunt you for days to come. Was it the same kitchen I ate the food from? Yes, it was. Now thanks to the FDA, you’ll be served good and hygienic food for the days to come.


Calangute Panchayat in collaboration with the FDA on Monday shut down close to 10 restaurants after they found the kitchens operating in a disgusting manner.

The raid was led by:

  1. Food safety officer Abel Rodrigues
  2. FDA officer Amit Mandrekar
  3. FDA officer Smruti Pirankar
  4. FDA officer Madhav Kavlekar
  5. Senior officer Richard Noronha

They examined about 15 restaurants in Calangute and found the kitchens of 10 in a very filthy state.

Doors of Kitchens Closed/ Restaurants Raided

(Source: Goan Everyday)
  1. Punjabi Classic owned by Edwin Rodrigues
  2. M/s Dilkhush Cafe owned by Kesari Korgaonkar
  3. M/s Hot and Tasty owned by Anil Patkar
  4. M/s Atif Restaurant operating at two different places and owned by Sehat Ahmed
  5. M/s New Alfatur Restaurant owned by Jose D’Souza
  6. Bavarchi Restaurant owned by John D’Souza
  7. M/s Hyderabadi Bavarchi Dum Biryani owned by Sanjiv Gupta
  8. M/s Bada Miya Bavarchi Restaurant owned by Sandeep Ekar
  9. M/s Bavarchi Dum Biryani owned by Sanjeev Gupta

While these were being shut down, a police team led by PI Jivba Dalvi busted a drug racket at ‘Simba Bar’ and found 1.5gm of narcotics in the location along with the FDA officials. Also having the operator of the bar, Peter Awon, a Nigerian national, arrested on charges of possessing narcotics under the NDPS Act.

JMFC Mapusa then released accused Peter Awon on bail but FDA officials served notice to close down the bar and sealed the kitchen. They pointed out the filthy state of the kitchen they were cooking in which was harmful to health.

The issue was brought to the notice of the FDA by the Calangute Police about the unhygienic conditions the bar was functioning in. The bar owner is said to be absconding.

So which of these restaurants have you’ll been to?
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