Feni listed among world’s top 10 liqueurs


The effort spent on attaining a Geographical Indication has boosted Cashew Feni on the global platform with BBC Good Food recognizing the spirit as one of the world’s top ten liqueurs among spirits in India. The recognition also serves as an ode to the thousands of distilleries that dot the state’s hills.

Acknowledging the richness of Cashew Feni, BBC GoodFood describes the heady drink, made from the juice of the cashew apple, as “unusual”, and which tastes like “tart on the palate.”

Cashew feni was awarded the Geographical Indication registration in 2009. In 2016, the state government initiated a process for Feni to be recognized as a heritage brew.

Ironically, despite the global recognition, Feni is still prohibited from being sold in India and is commonly perceived as a country liquor.

“Feni is quite tart on the palate and despite having a slightly thin, spirity undertone, has a powerful, crisp, almost freshly cut green apple note, alongside a distinct nuttiness, which will take some getting used to if you’re trying the spirit for the first time,” Joel Harrison and Neil Ridley say, while selecting Feni for BBC GoodFood’s top ten national spirits.

The two writers even recommend the family-run brand, Cazulo. The two commentators on fine spirits and cocktails acknowledge that the unique fermenting and distilling process gives Feni its unique flavours.

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Source: Times of India