In the heart of Baga’s activity, a long pebbled pathway bordered by swaying palms leads you to Fiesta. Yellow Mehra, has made contemporary fine dining the place to be frequented by one and all. Having trained under German chefs, Yellow has compiled a menu of European cuisine. But before you start on the delightful repertoire ask the Barman to belt out those fruit Margaritas (lemon, mango, strawberry or even a Blue Curacao one). If in the party frame of mind go for the shooters. The Flaming Beach (Vodka and sambuca), the beach is still a stones throwaway. Start with the Australian Lamb Chop. 125 g of pan fried meat with rosemary and garlic served with salad. Go Italian with Crab Ravioli. The crab meat is stuffed in small pasta envelopes served with saffron cream sauce. For seafood lovers the mains are a delight. Try the Charcoal Grilled Lobster which is served with a roasted red bell pepper dip, a mixed green salad, vegetables and French fries too.

The Steamed Tiger Prawns are served with a variety of dipping sauce, accompanied with vegetables and potato gratin. You can go crabbitty about sharing the King Crab Au Gratin. It’s the king crab in the shell, with a crust of herbs, baked in their wood fired oven, and served with white wine sauce, vegetables and potato gratin. With the wind ruffling through the damp tendrils of the hair after such a repast take a peek at the desserts listed on the menu. It’s a double death for chocolate lovers Death by Chocolate, a hot chocolate soufflé served with cold chocolate mousse and vanilla sauce or a Death by chocolate and Caramel with vanilla ice cream hot chocolate soufflé served with vanilla Ice cream, banana and caramel sauce. Stay alive with old favorites: Tiramisu the traditional Italian dessert and Fiesta’s Zabaglione, a light foamy dessert with a hint of port wine, served slightly warm over vanilla ice cream. Yellow promises you a Fiesta all the way.


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