Annual fishing ban for 61 days

The annual fishing ban has been imposed in the state of Goa for this season. 

The approaching monsoon season has got us all in a twist. No fishing for two months in Goa seems improbable but is true. The annual fishing ban has been announced in Goa this season from June 1 to July 31.

This is a yearly ban as it is required to give the fish along the state’s coastline, enough time to encourage breeding during the spawning season.

Therefore, the state department of fisheries announced on Thursday, that they will halt fishing activities carried out through mechanized fishing vessels during this period. 


However, only registered motorized canoes are excused from the ban but can use only gill nets and continue fishing.

The fishing ban in Goa is annually observed for a period of 61 days. Read below to know more about fishing bans in Goa. It is explained what people consume as an alternative for fish during this season and how they do it.

Comment and tell us what you do during the fishing ban period.

Fishing ban in Goa – will East coast rescue the West coast?

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