Força Goa Foundation and Drishti Marine felicitated by Network 18

In this day and age, everyone, whether an individual or an organization, is being encouraged or directed to do something good. Two organizations in Goa have taken this up and proven to do a commendable job of it. We’re talking about the Força Goa Foundation and Drishti Marine. Everyone knows of the hard work both have put in. Thanks to this, Network 18 has awarded both for their efforts in the Swachh Bharat Initiative.

The Força Goa Foundation

When one hears of Força Goa, the Indian Super League football team comes to mind. But the driving force behind the team is the Força Goa Foundation. This foundation is doing a great job of using football to empower the youth brigade into having a positive influence on their surroundings.

The Força Goa Foundation was established to with the aim of making a difference in Goan communities. Football is the heart and soul of Goans and using football as a tool, they wanted to empower individuals and teach them sustainable habits. With the help of their Grassroots centers, they are teaching youngsters about the effects of garbage on the environment. Subsequently, they are also encouraging these communities to start segregating, composting and recycling at home.


By teaching all this to these young individuals, the Força Goa Foundation believes that they’ll develop the responsibility of taking care of their own waste. In turn, this should contribute in a major way in taking care of the garbage crisis.

The Foundation believes that by putting the responsibility on individuals to take care of their own waste will go a long way in tackling the garbage crisis. But waste management isn’t enough. Therefore, they are working with the government, NGOs, and private sectors to tackle the growing trash problem. This will hopefully enable locals and visitors to see the beautiful state of Goa start to unbury itself from trash.

Drishti Marine

Drishti Marine hasn’t been any less busy in doing their bit. The #TeraMeraBeach campaign was set up to make beachgoers aware of the garbage problem on the beach and how to go about tackling it. Visitors were told about the importance of using the beach bins to dispose of their trash. Through the course of the campaign, daily drum-circles were organized with the help of Taal Inc. Participants were also invited to bring in a waste item and add it to the community art installation. The art installation consisted of bottles, cans, papers, cloth etc. collected by the participants during the clean-up drive.

Additionally, in December 2016, the state government also requested Drishti Marine to assist with garbage collection along the beaches in the state. Drishti offered their services in terms of manpower and equipment and helped clean up the beach. They even assisted in transporting the collected waste to the Saligao Waste Management facility. The agency has an existing framework which includes infrastructure and management capability to effectively carry out the exercise along the beaches.

Network 18 honors the Força Goa Foundation and Drishti Marine

Network 18 has recognized both these organizations for their efforts in the Swachh Bharat initiative. Both were a part of 18 organizations across the country that have been felicitated by Network 18. The Foundation was recognized for their efforts in helping communities take care of their waste, while Drishti Marine was recognized for their efforts in raising awareness among beach goes about waste management through the 150-day #TeraMeraBeach campaign.

Network 18’s notable India Hoga Clean Campaign showcased a series of episodes highlighting the various initiatives put into motion by organizations and individuals alike in spreading awareness on keeping their surroundings clean.

Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of State for Culture (I/C) and MoS- Environment, Forest, and Climate Change lauded Jill Ferguson, Managing Director, Força Goa Foundation and Ravi Shankar, CEO, Drishti Marine for the commendable work put in by the Foundation and beach clean-up campaign respectively.

In response, both Ms. Ferguson and Mr. Shankar had this to say.

Jill Ferguson, Managing Director, Força Goa Foundation said, “We are honored to have received an award from Network 18. We are grateful that our work is being appreciated at a national level and through this hope to inspire many more individuals and organizations to commit towards tackling the growing garbage crisis.“

Ravi Shankar, CEO, Drishti Marine said, “We are very happy to receive this award and I am proud of my dedicated team who put in a lot of efforts to make the 150-day #TeraMeraBeach campaign successful. We look forward to organizing the campaign for many more years.”

Força Goa
Ravi Shankar, CEO, Drishti Marine accepted the Network18 award on behalf of Drishti Marine from Dr. Mahesh Sharma, Union Minister of State for Culture (I/C) and MoS- Environment, Forest and Climate Change for their commendable work on the Drishti Marine #TeraMeraBeach campaign as part of the Swatch Bharat initiative
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