Four Things To Know When Visiting The Iconic Fort Aguada


With a historical legacy of about 400 years, Aguada Fort is a enormous and breath-taking fortress defining the landscape of Goa. The fort along side its lighthouse is one among the foremost visited attractions in Goa.

Situated in Candolim, a serious tourist hub in North Goa, Fort Aguada stands overlooking the Arabian Sea and offers mesmerizing views of the encompassing areas. An epitome of Portuguese heritage and architecture, this seventeenth-century fort definitely deserves to get on your itinerary once you head out of your hotels in Goa for a sightseeing trip.

Looking for more details about this heritage monument which was once among the foremost formidable Portuguese forts in Goa? Here is everything you should know.

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Fort Aguada Timings

The Fort Aguada is open for the public throughout the week from 9.30am to 6.00pm

Fort Aguada Location

This fort is found on the Aguada-Siolim Road in Sinquerim (Candolim, Goa). There are two options to succeed in the hilltop fort. The 4 km long road from Sinquerim beach is employed by automobiles . The other may be a shorter 2 km foot path, but it should be noted that it’s a steep climb.

Aguada Fort Information & Directions

Fort Aguada traces its origins to 1609 when its construction was started by the Portuguese who were having control over the region. The construction of the fort continued for three consecutive years under the supervision of Viceroy Ruy Tavara and was completed in the year 1612. The word Aguada simply means freshwater in Portuguese language and for that reason the fort derives its name from a freshwater spring located within it. It is recorded that crews of sailing ships wont to replenish their stock of potable water from this spring.

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Aguada Fort was built in order to protect and defend the Portuguese stronghold in Goa against the Maratha and Dutch invaders. Owing to its location at the confluence of the Arabian Sea and therefore the Mandovi River, it became the foremost prized fortress for the Portuguese back within the seventeenth century.

In 1864, a four-storied lighthouse was constructed within the fort’s premises. For an extended time then, the fort served as a point of reference for the ships and vessels sailing in from Europe, because of the lighthouse. In 1976, the lighthouse was finally abandoned and it’s currently closed to the general public. However, there’s a replacement lighthouse inbuilt the fort premises, which is named the Aguada Lighthouse.

Interestingly, the fort premises also has a jail which was actively used during the administration of the 100th prime minister of Portugal, named Salazar. It is one among those few forts in India that has never been conquered by an enemy.

Fort Aguada Jail Timings & Architecture

Aguada Fort may be a splendid example of the Portuguese architecture. It was erected using laterite stone, which was found in abundance in Goa. The fort is categorized into two parts – the upper part and therefore the lower part.

The upper part was designed to function a fort and an enormous watering station. The lower part extended a secure berth for the ships belonging to the Portuguese rulers. The fort is surrounded by walls as high as 5 meters and as wide as 1.3 meters. There are bastions that surround the fort on three sides while the fourth side features a gateway that faces the Mandovi River.

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In its heydays, Aguada Fort served together of the most important freshwater storages of Asia and had the capacity to store 2,376,000 gallons of water. The fort also features a gunpowder room, rampart, and a moat. One of the foremost attractive aspects of the fort’s architecture may be a secret passage which was built to assist the occupants escape within the case of an emergency or war.

Fort Aguada Today

Although the fort has lost it’s glory or grandeur of the bygone times, the hilltop fort of Aguada is one the simplest places to go to in Goa. Its magnificent architecture also because the breath-taking views it offers of the Arabian Sea close to form it a top tourist attraction within the region.

It is also an excellent spot to observe sunsets while within the Party Capital of India. One of the foremost luxurious hotels in Goa, namely the Taj Fort Aguada Resort and Spa, is additionally housed within the fort walls.

Currently, the fort houses a statue dedicated to the liberty fighters of Goa. Every year on 18th June, a ceremony is observed within the fort premises to recollect and honor those brave souls who sacrificed their lives for the liberty of Goa.