Goa is Google’s most searched holiday destination

If it wasn’t obvious already, it’s been confirmed now! By none other than everyone’s favoured search engine. As per a list of preferred holiday destinations within the country, released by Google India, Goa tops the charts.

Be it winter or summer or the monsoons, Indians just can’t seem to get enough of Goa. A few years ago, the Government of Goa began a campaign marketing Goa as a 365 day a year holiday destination. Thanks to Google India’s list, that target has finally been achieved.

The scintillating sunsets, the crystal clear water and the snow coloured sand all attract not only tens and hundreds but thousands of tourists from all over India and the world.


Each and every beach right from the tip of Goa to its tail have their own specific characteristics; from velvet like sand to rock wave breakers, from pebble strewn beaches to shell laden castle making material, not only cause endless happiness and satisfaction but also leave tourists with emotion filled memories enough to last a life time.

The State government has also been relentlessly working to improve the facilities it offers to tourists. The Goa tourism department last week launched the much-awaited hop-on-hop-off (HOHO) sightseeing bus service for tourists visiting the coastal state. Read More Here!

Apart from facilities, following a spate of crimes in the State, the Tourism Minister has also made safety and security the primary agenda.

“We have set the agenda for tourism in Goa, with safety and security of tourists being the No.1 priority for the tourism department. The Goa government, through the home department, is augmenting budgets to improve safety and security measures in the State keeping in mind the tourism industry and the importance of providing a safe holiday for tourists visiting Goa,” Tourism Minister Manohar Ajgaonkar said.

To know more about the Google India’s list HERE

Pic Credit: The New Indian Express

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