Goa in August And The Best Things To Do When Planning a Monsoon Trip

No Indian vacation spot comes even close to Goa when you assume of events and beaches. Perhaps India’s most famous holiday destination, Goa has an unparalleled appeal about it that attracts you every time you choose a routine. Goa in August will entice any Indian tourist. Aspire to get away from your mundane lifestyles and disturbing work schedule as Goa in august embraces you with its breath-taking beauty, bright ambience and magnificent people. 

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Many people have the thinking that whilst Goa is a magnificent traveller spot, it need to be prevented throughout the monsoon season, specifically Goa in August when the rains come down in all their glory.  
However, as soon as you get rid of this notion, you recognize that there is extra to Goa throughout monsoon than you can perhaps imagine. Here are a few motives why a outing to Goa in August is clearly a outstanding idea! 

August is a time when the height traveller crowd stays away from Goa. This potential that you can revel in famous spots like Anjuna, Vagator and possibly even Baga once in a while with fewer crowds to hassle you. It can be perfect for a fantastically peaceable Goan vacation. Take off to your favourite seashores or eating places and have them to yourselves. 

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August weather in Goa 

There are plenty of perks Goa enjoys by being a coastal state. The best of which is just the right amount of rainfall; unlike places like Mumbai that get flooded every year. 

The start of August is marked by heavy showers. Which gradually slows down toward the end. Giving way to short sunny days with the occasional drizzle every now and then, Goa looks the best during this season. If you plan your trip right, you can view scenic points with both bright sunny days as well as cloudy rainy days. 

August is the only time you get to see the best of Goa’s weather – The monsoons and the summers. 

August accommodations in Goa 

Like the remainder of the monsoons, many hotels and resorts remain closed during August. It would be best if you planned your accommodations well in advanced. However, expect dirt cheap nightly rates pretty much everywhere due to the low influx of tourists this time of the year. 

During August if you’re looking out for a crowded place, then Calangute, Baga, Panjim and Mapusa will be the ideal place for you. If you want a much quieter environment, just by the sea shore, during August. Palolem and Cavelossim will be ideal for you. 

Overall, you cannot call the month as the best time to see Goa in full swing. But if you don’t like crowds and want to see Goa in detail without any hassles that are common during peak season, then August is the perfect time for you to be in Goa. 

Things To Do in The Month of August 

Dudhsagar Waterfalls – It is most impressive in August as the Mandovi River is full after the rains. Located in the Goa-Karnataka border, it comes roaring down steeply. You have to take the road or a train to the Kulem railway station and then do a small trek from here to reach the base of the waterfall. The mighty waterfalls create white spray and foam while cascading down, giving its name Dudhsagar, which literally translates to ‘Sea of Milk’’. 

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Spice Plantation Tour – The spice plantations are greenest and the most beautiful during the rains and just after it. The guide will take you on a tour, showing you cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pepper, ginger, cardamom, and many other spices and herbs. Savoi Plantations is one option. You can also enjoy a traditional Goan Saraswat meal, cooked with the spices, and even feed and bathe the elephants. 

Fontainhas – Fontainhas is Goa’s Latin Quarter, where many Portuguese families used to stay. Located in Panjim, this is an UNESCO Heritage Zone. Take a peek at another era as you see old colourful buildings with ornate balconies, Portuguese mansions, narrow winding lanes and streets, quaint shops, bakeries, restaurants, and art galleries. You will get a distinct Mediterranean feel here. 

Wildlife Sanctuaries – The interiors of Goa are the greenest and most beautiful in August. There are many forests, national parks, and wildlife sanctuaries to visit with a chance to see a number of plant and animal species. Choose from Bhagwan Mahavir Sanctuary, Mollem National Park, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, and Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary. There is the Bengal tiger, leopards, wild dogs, wild boar, barking deer, flying squirrel, spotted deer, mouse deer, civet, gaur, pangolin, porcupine, sambar, and more. 

White Water Rafting – You are going to love this if you are all for adventure sport and need to feel an adrenalin rush. There is white water rafting at Valpoi River, Mhadei River, and the Mandovi River. The rivers are at full flow after the rains and the rapids are exciting. Some of them are very challenging too. For just 1,500-2,000 INR per person, you can get basic lessons, safety briefing, lifejackets, and rafting gear. 

Monsoon Trekking – Hills of the Western Ghats look lush and beautiful in August. There are fresh leaves everywhere and plenty of birds and other animals. Go on a hiking trail to admire the beauty. Walking will be safer in the second half of the month as the frequency of rain comes down after the 15th

What you should avoid in goa in August 

It is still raining in August, though less than July. Swimming is still risky because of the high wind and bigger waves. There will be spells of sunshine this month, but the weather can change suddenly, so it is best to stay away from the water. A cloud cover will make it worse. There are riptides in some beaches too. So watch out. Most water sport activities are closed in August. Avoid water sports even if you can find any. 

August and September are the best months for visiting the Dudhsagar waterfalls. There is some trekking involved, but make sure that you have good walking shoes. Remember, the trail will be wet and slippery. Always hire a guide. 

Many like to do monsoon trekking on the Western Ghats. It will certainly be an enriching and beautiful experience. But once again, you have to be very careful as the trails can be slippery and there can be insects too. You need good walking shoes, and must take every precaution. 

Goa being a small state is not as developed as metro cities to fight or prevent occasional water clogging. There are sometimes floods and landslides if it rains too much. So it is always advisable to look at the forecast before going out. 

Goa beaches in August 

From north to south, the beaches are naturally a main attraction of Goa. However, August is not the best month for Goa beaches. The high waves this month and the sea current bring in a lot of seaweeds from deep sea, which is deposited on the shore, making the beaches look unclean. You will find this excess weed deposit in almost every beach. The sand may also be mashed up due to excess water as it has been raining heavily since June. 

Goa Tourism and the government will start to clean the beaches only in the end of September in preparation for the approaching peak tourist season. The sea deposits weed all the time in August, so cleaning this month won’t really help. 

Tourism in August 

Because of the monsoon, Goa does not see a lot of foreign tourists during the month of August. However, a lot more Indian tourists are coming to Goa in the last few years to enjoy the rains. The lower prices and discounts is also an attraction. Everything costs less in August, including the rooms, flight tickets, bike/car rentals, and even the restaurants and cafes charge less. 

Fewer tourists also mean there are no queues at the major tourist attractions. The waiting time is less too at restaurants, cafes, pubs, and the open beach shacks. The service and food quality is often better. 

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