Goan Pottery is Going Nowhere Thanks To Velha Goa


One element of Goan pottery is stoneware. It is crafted by moulding a ceramic shape which is thereafter warmed at high temperatures for the hardening and setting of shape. This process also includes sourcing, crushing, mixing, kneading, potter’s wheel and lastly, firing.

It starts with the potter’s sourcing the clay material (which comes from the world itself) from local towns, villages.

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History of Goan Pottery

Stoneware is one of Goa’s oldest craft. Several decades before it had been recorded in history, Goan potters are known to supply temples with and cooking vessels and clay lamps.

It was they who brought fresh foods stocks, drinking, and cooking vessels for mass meals. Fresh clay vessels were considered pure by their very nature. As they were wielded out of the world, water, and fire 3 underlying rudiments that support life. They held a very important status in Goan society.

In the tradition of stoneware, it’s tolerable for men to use the potter’s wheel at any point of their working life, but women potters must yield these beautiful objects by hand without making use of the wheel.

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The Dying Art of Pottery

Once an excellent profession has went a hand-to- mouth existence for several potters. Though the history oftclay dates back to 9,000-10,000 BC at the time when clay vessels were used to store food and water, it’s believed that the art of stoneware is as old as humankind.

The ancient art of stoneware present today is presumed to be vital antiquity when it involves the studies of anthropology and archaeology.

With the various enhancements of forms, substances, techniques, and material that are tried and experimented with, the understandings and mindsets of individuals have evolved alongside.

People choose décor that is mass- produced in factories by large corporates. Appreciation for hand- made products has generally gone down killing tons of art- based industries, and stoneware being in line.

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Pottery At Velha Goa

Goan potters and handicrafters are an integral a neighbourhood of Goa. The art that has been passed down by generations tells a tale of the age-old tradition of borrowing techniques and know-how from other countries, whatever could also be the differences among the nations.

At Velha Goa, this really quintessence of earthenware is maintained through workshops that specialise in bringing the youth closer to their ancestral gift of art. These workshops are led by professionals and are breathing back life into the dying art.