Goan Sweets That Also Make Them Famous Desserts of Goa


Goan cuisine, which is essentially influenced by Saraswat, Konkani, Portuguese, South Indian and British cuisines, is additionally popular for Goan sweets or delicious desserts.

What’s the purpose of visiting a city without having to savour its local cuisine and drinks? Goan cuisine are some things that one can definitely not miss.

Not only the local cuisine and drinks, but Goan sweets are known for his or her uniqueness and flavors. They’ll not be as popular as the Vindaloo or seafood, but anyone’s who been to Goa would know that desserts here are not any less delicious.

The normal Goan desserts are popularly made during festivals in most Goan homes, so you’ll not see tons of economic places selling them. Goans use coconut, coconut milk, jaggery and Goan red rice inevitably in their desserts that make them even more special.

If you would like to offer your taste buds a sweet treat, Goa is that the perfect bet for you. Don’t believe us? We’ve gathered some sinfully amazing Goan desserts from across the state for you to drool and plan a fast trip for.


These cute, crunchy and sugar-glazed curly delights are fun to savour. Kulkuls are golden brown, buttery Goan sweets which will satiate your looking for something savoury yet sweet. Made specially during Christmas, these delights will leave you posing for more.

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Kokad or Cocada

Goan sweets have a small touch of coconut in them. One among them is Kokad or Cocada, which is a cookie cum barfi-like dessert made using coconut with hints of vanilla essence. It tastes heavenly when dipped during a bowl filled with cocoa leaving you picking quite only one.

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Perad is additionally referred to as guava cheese. This dessert features a nice brown hue and is formed from guavas and is unimaginably soft. Interestingly, it serves two purposes; it are often eaten for breakfast on toast when it’s not fully cooked or as a dessert when fully cooked.

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Patoleo may be a unique, soft, aromatic and steamed sweet made by spreading rice paste over turmeric leaf and full of jaggery, cinnamon and freshly grated coconut. This healthy dessert is popularly eaten during monsoons.

Patoleo is Goan cuisine. It’s also referred to as Patoli, one among the oldest traditional sweet dishes of Goa. Patoleo is formed once in a while for major feasts celebrated by Roman Catholics, said to be a star dish of today . The dish liked by all Vegetarians.

Made with rice and jaggery. The unique flavor of turmeric leaves to form this dish aside from other desserts. Hilda Mascarenhas is that the most famous place in Goa to possess Patoleo.

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Also referred to as Karanji, Nevri may be a popular dish prepared in Goa, especially during Diwali and i. These are sweet dumplings made from maida and further full of coconut, sugar, poppy seeds, cardamom and almonds.

You’ll store these delights and luxuriate in for a extended period.
Neureos are flaky pastries loaded with a sweet filling. These are prepared during festivals in Goa like Ganesh Chaturti, Diwali and Christmas. Christmas in Goa is incomplete without neureos.

These are called neureos in goa and Karanji in Maharashtra. We Goans prepare these neureos in every house but with different fillings.

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Bolo De Rulao or Battica

Bolo De Rulao is a coconut and semolina (sooji) cake which is additionally called Bolo De Batica. ‘Bolo’ is a Portugese word that translates to cake. So if you haven’t tried this dessert yet, probably it’s time.

Baath Cake is a popular Goan dessert. It has a luscious and creamy texture. It’s a one-of-a-kind dessert prepared using Semolina and Coconut. The texture of this coconut cake is moist and delicate.

Cake is thought to be missing from Christmas. It’s quite tasty and enjoyable. As a result, Lisa’s Cakes and Patisserie is a dessert lover’s dream come true.

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Dodol features a similar texture like Halwa. It’s jelly-like firm. Dodol is a Goan dish, and it’s made from coconut milk and coconut jaggery. It’s sweet flavors of a creamy taste of milk.The best dodol is of Dom Pedros, Margao. Dodols are the sweet dish of Goa, loved by the people of Goa.

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Serradura may be a Portuguese style dessert belongs to Macau. It’s well-known by the name of Sawdust Pudding. Serradura may be a combination of topping and tea biscuits. The addiction desserts for the people of Goa. One among the simplest place in Goa to possess Serradura is Spice Goa Restaurant near Kasarwad Junction. Taste it once, and you’ll try it again and again. Serradura is that the Delicious desserts of Goa.

Goa isn’t only limited to those traditional delights. Variety of restaurants serve elegant modern desserts which belong to varied cuisines. During a nutshell, you won’t leave Goa together with your sweet cravings unsatisfied.

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Bebinca is Goa’s greatest dessert and one of the state’s most popular desserts. It is a traditional Christmas dish in Goa. “Bibik” or “Bebinka” are other names for Bebinca. A multilayer cake with a delectable flavour. In a nutshell, it’s a pudding. In Goa, Bebinca is renowned as the “Queen of Desserts.” Martin’s Beach Corner is where you should go for Bebinca. Goa’s greatest location.

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Bolinhas are Goa’s hallmark dessert, as well as the state’s most popular and traditional dessert. It’s a coconut cookie from Goa. The cookies are soft and crispy, and they crumble in your mouth. Bolinhas are one of the best Goan sweets for those who enjoy coconut. Bolinhas are finest enjoyed in Cotingo, Goa.

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Coconut Ice

Goa’s most favourite dessert, especially in the heat. Condensed milk, icing sugar, and coconut are the main ingredients of this dish, as the name suggests. Coconut ice has a pink tint and has a sweet and delicious flavour. It’s one of Goa’s greatest dishes. Fiesta One of the greatest spots to get coconut ice in Goa is Baga. They serve food that is both fresh and creamy.

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Doce is a sweet Goan meal. It is a simple dessert that can be prepared quickly. One of Goa’s oldest and most traditional desserts. You won’t be able to eat just one piece since the flavour is so good. Channa dal, coconut, and sugar are used to make it. In Hilda’s, you’ll find the tastiest Channa Doce.

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Tiramisu is a delicious Italian dessert. It has a coffee flavor and a soft crumbly cake that melts in your mouth with the unique Panna cotta cream and coffee flavor. Tiramisu is one of the most popular desserts in the world. Baga is the nicest and most enjoyable spot to eat Brittos. Freshness and a creamy coffee flavor are well-served. The flavors are fantastic.

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Panna Cotta

Panna Cotta is an Italian dessert that is simple to prepare and really delicious. It is most popular in Goa. It is made with a blend of fresh fruits and jelly. The texture is incredible, and it literally melts in your mouth. The addition of a kiwi topping enhances the dessert’s appeal. Ciao Bella makes the greatest pannacotta.

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Coffee Ice Cream Sandwich

This dessert has a sweet icy sandwich with a peculiar texture because to the caramelized chocolate. Although it tastes like both ice cream and sandwich, a sandwich is served with coffee ice cream.

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Baklava is a sort of pastry popular among Goans. Fillo dough and nuts are used to make it. It is essentially decorated with almond nuts. It’s a buttery, multi-layered pastry dish. Global Dialysis is the ideal place to go if you’re looking for the finest Baklava.

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Doce Bhaji

Doce Bhaji is a Goan dessert that the locals like. Doce Bhaji is also known as lapsi in India. It’s created of wheat, sugar, and coconut oil, with almonds on top. It is a classic Goan dessert with a sweet flavour. It’s a Goan teatime dessert.

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Lady Finger Fruit Dessert

It’s a type of cake created with fruits and ladyfinger biscuits that’s popular among children. In Goa, this dessert is well-known. This dish is simple to prepare. They come with a scoop of ice cream, a cup of coffee, and a dessert.

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Chocolate Fondant

One of the best sweet foods is Goa. Without Chocolate Fondant, Sunday isn’t complete. Fondant is a delicious chocolate souffle. Chocolate water gives your mouth a lift. It comes in an endless variety of flavours, and the taste is not just chocolate but also a different flavour. Mapusa is the finest location to go for dessert.

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Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard is a cake made with sugar, vanilla extract, and eggs. The essence is delectable; it dissolves in your lips thanks to its velvety smoothness. Vanilla has a very subtle flavour. Ranchikud has the greatest caramel custard.

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Alle Belle

Alle Belle is a mouthwatering dessert. It’s a pancake. It is simple to prepare and so takes less time. The coconut and jaggery filling melts in your mouth. The finest place to do it is Panjim.

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Soji (in South Goa) and Vonn (in North Goa) is a traditional Goan sweet/dessert prepared during special occasions and festivals. I have grown up knowing it as soji in Salcete and mom prepares it specially for ‘Santos Passos’ during lent time, during São João along with few patoleos (as we prepare them again on 15th August). Soji/ Vonn is also prepared before weddings during the family lunch (or bhikra jevonn).

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