What is Common Between A Goan Talent Like Leandra & Lorna?


Our beautiful state is known to produce prodigious talents, who have made this tiny land proud.

A budding Goan talent lives in Nagoa, and if the great Lorna is reading this piece, then she should be proud to know a budding ‘entertainer’ is already looking up to her.

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In today’s feature, we spoke to Leandra Carvalho and her parents about music, school, events, Engelbert, and how big a Goan talent she can become…

Let’s get started.

What is your full name?

Leandra Carvalho

Your loved ones call you…



You live in Goa at..

Nagoa, Bardez

Tell us how it all started? How did Leandra become ‘The Entertainer’?

I got a knack for music from my dad. He always encouraged me to sing and to learn the keyboard along with it. We would do basic vocal exercises that I found amusing and funny at the same time. He would play his guitar and I my keyboard to practice singing while playing the keyboard.

I enjoy our practice/jam sessions and look forward to them always.

The major booster to my music talent came along with Uncle Paul, who became my musical mentor and best friend too! We too have a few practice sessions together, where he guides me on what settings suit a particular song on the keyboard, or how to even play around with my vocals while singing.

Our favorite jam song currently is Ten Guitars by ‪Engelbert Humperdinck.

To help me build my confidence and break away from shyness, he started tagging me along with him to perform at a few places like Over the Flames, Calangute and the Made in Saligao market at the Saligao Institute.

The combination of seeing people enjoy my performance while performing at these little events, Uncle Paul’s guidance and my parents’ constant support is what brought out the entertainer in me!


What instruments can you play? Do you have a special liking to any instrument?

I know to play the keyboard and I am also learning to play the Ukulele now 😃

Do you look up to any musician in particular? Anyone in the family?

I look up to Lorna for all Konkani songs definitely! Other musicians include Abba, Elton John, Connie Francis. In my family I look up to my dad. I got my musical genes from him


Who are the current entertainers or musicians you want to emulate?

I absolutely love the way Lorna performs on the stage. I enjoy seeing how she sings on the stage, and the way in which the audience dances and sings along, enjoying every moment of her performance.

Any challenges the family faced when Leandra’s natural talent began to emerge?

No challenges as such. Leandra has got the flow of music from her father from the very beginning, as he would always sing songs for her with his guitar right from when she was a tiny baby.

And later, as she grew, they would both sing many songs together at home and few family functions too

Any funny or inspiring childhood moments of Leandra that we can share?

Leandra has always naturally managed to be the star/centre of the stage wherever she would go. One funny incident that comes to our mind is when she was graduating from her nursery school back in Dubai.

One segment of the program included the Chief Guest handing out the certificates and awards to the students for successfully completing their nursery school.

When Leandra’s name was called out, she quickly went up to the stage and immediately started waving and throwing flying kisses at the crowd right from when she stepped up on the stage, till she walked and reached near the Chief Guest.

The Chief Guest reached out to hand over her certificates and awards, but Leandra was so in the moment of seeing everyone waving back and clapping for her continuously, clicking her photos, that she shook his hands, continued waving at everyone and almost forgot to take the certificate from him!

She owned the complete stage like a mini celebrity! 

What role has family played in the development of a prodigious Goan talent? Any sacrifices that the family had to make?

There were no sacrifices as such. But yes, as Leandra is still a child, she gets diverted to be too playful and distracted easily with her toys and dolls set. So as elders, we make her understand the importance of time. To help her out, we set up a simple daily timetable for her, which helps her to utilise her time to the maximum.

We allotted major time to her studies and music, at the same time not forgetting to allot some time for her play (and snack breaks too)


What were people’s feedback (positive or negative)? And how did Leandra embrace it?

We had a lot of positive feedback about her singing from all our family, friends, and well-wishers, as Leandra is a darling to many. It is this positive feedback that truly motivated her to take up music as her passion. 

And not to forget her mentor, Mr. Paul Pereira who has been a solid pillar behind all her music performances, and who despite being very busy on his schedule, keeps on inspiring and motivating Leandra to do better every day.


How does a special Goan talent like Leandra balance school and music?

Leandra very well understands that studies are very important and a crucial part of life for her future growth and development. But along with that she has a funny bone and enjoys performing on the stage.

It all comes natural to her and we don’t have to teach her anything about performing. She is a completely different person on stage as compared to what she is at home while practicing her music. She wants music to be fun where people can forget all their worries when they hear her sing.


She completes all her schoolwork and daily studies during the mornings and latest by noon, so she gets ample time in the evenings to play and practice her music.

What are Leandra’s future plans?

It’s too early to decide future plans for her as she is too small now. But looking at her passion towards music and dedication towards her studies, it is completely on what she wants to do in the future without any pressure from us 

Leandra has a Facebook page to showcase her musical skills and update people about her upcoming performance. Please do follow and give a like too to boost her motivation. 

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