How To Make Your 10 Reasons To Visit Goa Count?


Anywhere you go in India, you’ll find gorgeous scenery, stunning architecture, and history around every corner.

So what makes a planning a visit Goa so special?

A number of India’s most beautiful places are located in Goa – here are a couple of our favorites.

It’s an aquatic heaven

If you wish water, Goa has it all. This Indian state stretches its coastline along the Arabian Sea, which suggests there’s many beaches to travel around.

You’ll experience skin diving or snorkeling within the sea, continue a sport fishing tour, try kitesurfing, then much more!

Goa also boasts some beautiful rivers, including the Zuari and therefore the Nerul, which offer calmer activities like kayaking or backwater cruises.

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Get a taste of the culture left behind by the Portuguese

The Portuguese held control over Goa until 1961, which suggests the culture still features a very clear mark on this area. In fact, many of the older locals still speak Portuguese.

If you would like to urge a taste of Portuguese culture, take a stroll through Old Goa, and confirm these three places are on your list!

1. Se Cathedral, the seat of the Archbishop of Goa
2. Basilica of Bom Jesus
3. Church of Saint Francis of Assisi

Next, head to the Fontainhas neighbourhood of Panaji to get the colourful Portuguese-style houses and luxuriate in the culturally-charged atmosphere.

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Accommodations for all budgets

Another great reason to go to Goa is the fact that, regardless of what your budget is, you’ll afford to remain here.

If you prefer to measure within the lap of luxury, a number of India’s most opulent beach resorts are often found here.

However, if you’re trying to go to India on a shoestring, there are many hotels that provide you all the comforts of home while still allowing you to remain within your budget.

Go party or simply relax: it’s up to you

Goa is somewhat known for its party lifestyle, and if that’s your scene, you’ll be pleased. The nightlife doesn’t stop in Goa, and there are many places you’ll party until dawn.

However, once you get uninterested in the nightlife (or the hangover kicks in), Goa also offers an opportunity to relax and just enjoy life.

Whether you’re trying to find relaxing treks through the jungle, old-world history, or beaches that appear as if they were taken from your computer’s wallpaper, Goa has what you would like to wind down.

Beautiful wildlife

Of course, your relaxation just won’t be complete until you’re taking in a number of the natural sights of Goa.

With over 450 species of birds, Goa is a birdwatcher’s paradise.

Check out the Dr. Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary in Chorao to ascertain some feathered friends. You’ll also see other rare animals, like pangolins, guars, chitals, or elephants in Goa’s wildlife sanctuaries.

The most important sanctuary is found inside Mollem park , about two hours’ drive from Panaji.

These three Museums alone make it worthwhile to visit Goa

The Museum of Christian Art

Located in old Goa, this museum may be a stunning representation of Goa’s Christian heritage. Once you get a glimpse of Indo-Portuguese Christian art, you’ll see just what a gorgeous blend these two cultures created.

The Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum is another stand-out experience that can’t be missed. Inspect the history of Goa with artifacts like Portuguese weapons, ancient maps, bronze statues, Persian and Arabian inscriptions, and more.

Indian Naval Aviation Museum

For aviation fanatics, the Naval Museum may be an excellent spot to prevent off and visit with classic planes and helicopters.

Inspect India’s aviation history throughout the years, and luxuriate in the indoor/outdoor design of the museum which allows visitors to walk through the sunshine while viewing planes dating back to the 1940s.

Flea markets that appeal to all or any

Once you’ve had enough of the Portuguese culture in Goa, jump right back to India with flea markets like the one in Anjuna.

This beachside marketplace is filled with eclectic goodies, many of which are made by hand. Confirm to hit Anjuna on a Wednesday so you’ll see this market!

Once you get uninterested in wandering the shops, take a stroll on the beach or make your way inland to the German Bakery for a few chilled vibes and vegetarian food.

Opportunities for volunteering

Goa isn’t just about tourism. If you’re trying to find how to offer back while you travel, inspect the opportunities for volunteering within the area.

Volunteer travel allows you to accomplish something while you see the planet , and provides you an opportunity to urge to understand the wonderful and welcoming people of Goa.

Visit Goa for the Dudhsagar Falls

One of the most important waterfalls within the country is found just 60 kilometers (37 miles) from Panaji. Its four tiers stand over 310 meters (1017 feet) tall and make a fantastic effect within the jungle which will truly stop you in your tracks.

Enjoy foods When You Visit Goa

Everyone raves about the food in Goa, and for good reason. With the coast at the doorstep , the seafood in Goa is top-notch.

Also, try foods and drinks that are unique to the present area. For instance, take a tour through a spice plantation and learn all about how spices are grown, and what they will be used for.

Don’t forget to try Feni, a local liquor made up of cashews or coconuts.

This drink has been described as a part of Goa’s culture, so don’t leave without a sip or two!

Goa may be a vibrant and culturally-charged area filled with new things to ascertain and adventures to be had.

Now armed with 10 excellent reasons to go to Goa, you can start packing your bags and get ready for a Goan adventure!