World Goa Day

How Do Goans Around The World Celebrate World Goa Day?


We Goans love a good “Fest!” It doesn’t take much to get us into a foot-tapping mood. Song and dance are in our blood. Remember our beloved Lorna and Chris Perry? Yummy food is another inseparable part of the Goan way of life. ‘Or Goemkarpon’ as they say. In short, you might say, Goans – young or old, love wine, women, song, food… and a good game of football. Not to mention some chilled Kingfisher beer, fried prawns, and a good siesta in the afternoon. So, guess what happens when you hold a festival like World Goa Day? Woah! Do we Goans actually need any excuse to celebrate? But if you give us an occasion like this, we sure will go overboard.

This special event called “World Goa Day (WGD)” was instituted to mark the anniversary of that momentous day – 20th of August 1992 – when the Indian Parliament included Konkani in the 8th Schedule of the Indian Constitution. That was the long-awaited day when Konkani got due recognition as an official language in India. Konkani – “Amchi Bas” – Our Mother tongue, finally recognized as Indian. What a wonderful reason to celebrate.

So, celebrate we do, with a great pomp, on 20th August, year after year. This year too, Goans all over the world, came together to have a blast, in so many different geographic locations. Here’s a brief look at the revelry in some of those locations:

World Goa Day in Bahrain

In Bahrain at the Baan Saeng Thai Hotel, The President of the Young Goans Club – – Mr. Noel Fernandes brought together the Goans in Bahrain and celebrated in grand style. They danced to folk music and to the beat of the classic ‘Ghumot’ (drum). For foodies, there was a yummy ‘Recheado Banggdo’ contest. Guess who won? It’s stuff like this that gives us back our “sense of belonging.”

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Photo credits: YGC Bahrainche Goenckar Facebook Group

World Goa Day in Abu Dhabi

In Abu Dhabi, pretty Goan belles brought the Kunbi fisherfolk music and dance back to life and made people yearn for the Calangute Beach and Baga Beach.

Photo credits:

Abu Dhabi Goans Facebook Page

World Goa Day in the UK

In the UK, they had a great big open-air bash. It’s summer in August, in the UK, so the rain didn’t play spoilsport and folks got to sing, dance and feast to their heart’s content, on Goan goodies – sannas, prawn curry, chicken vindaloo…

Video Credits: YouTube

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And they danced to swinging music

While pretty young Greena Pereira brought back the nostalgia of that all-time great – Lorna.

World Goa day in Toronto

There are loads of happy-go-lucky Goans in Canada. Many of them migrate from the UAE to this promised land. Of course, there were Goans moving to Canada even before the UAE boom. Some came here as far back as 1940’s some even before that.

They all came together on a large open field, sang Goan songs, played the violin (the Rebec), feasted on spicy sausages, played volleyball, danced the classic Mando and folk dances, and generally had a grand Fest.

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Photo credits:
Ray Mendonza
Goan Overseas Association of Toronto – G.O.A. Toronto Facebook Group

World Goa day in Sydney 

In Montefano Hall, St. Benedict’s Church, Smithfield, Sydney, they had quite a bash. The kids got acquainted with the magic of the “Ghumot” and a whole lot of other musical instruments, especially the violin. The food was amazing. Lots of sorpotel, Vindaloo, mutton chops and patties… even soft melt-in-your-mouth Bebinca.

Click images to view the whole album by Goan Association Sydney NSW Australia Facebook Group 

Photo credits:
Aaron Braganza –
Goan Association Sydney NSW Australia Facebook Group

Bom Fest! Viva re Viva! See you again at World Goa Day 2018. Till then… stay Susegado. Chill.