Why are Goans moving abroad for higher education?


Through the years we have seen Goa developing and becoming a state that has the best of everything. But why are people especially Goans choosing the option of moving abroad for higher education?

Is it lack of better options or wanting a fast life? Lets see!

“For me it’s  because even though Goa has one of the best literacy rate in India, there are many good schools in here but when it comes to colleges it doesn’t offer professional courses. Like for me, you have BA in Mass Media in Goa but if you want to do Masters you are forced to go elsewhere. Similarly if you are planning to pursue an MBA in Goa, not all types of MBA courses are available. A lot of medical and engineering students want to study here but not everyone doesn’t get admission so they go to other states. The other reason is because many colleges outside state offer better study material and experience so they choose to go out.” -Pavitra Gautam

Being part of a generation which will lead India to a developed nation, it’s very important to inculcate skills which will be relevant in the competitive world outside. Being a Goan, I have always seen that when it comes to education, the number of seats in Medical, Dentistry and Architecture is always restricted. After the limited seats, come the age-old debated topic of ‘reservation’. How is an individual supposed to compete in such a scenario when ultimately the reserved ones will be preferred?” -Simran Khan

When we look at other states where people move out to pursue a better educational experience, it is mainly because the workplace diversity which we deal with in an organisation can be experienced in the college life itself. Moreover the opportunities for better job prospects are higher.

What could  be the reason for students moving abroad for higher education?


One of the reasons of  studying abroad or outside Goa is that you get a chance to experience different styles of education that you might not experience here. By moving to another state or country, you’ll get to see a side of your major that you may not have been exposed to at home.

•Wider options

It won’t  be an exaggeration to say that you’ll have wider options when it comes to educational program outside. It is difficult to live in Goa for further studies as the best of colleges are abroad or in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore etc. So for the sake of your career one has to move out.

•Job opportunities

When you complete your higher education and come back home, you will see plenty of companies who will be willing to hire you, reason being your degree and your exposure to culture and language skills. A great education will become your strength for getting the best of job with a good pay package.

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