Happy Teacher’s Day!


By Bhavani Sundaram

We all remember our teachers right from our kindergarten times till we leave school and enter college. Here again, we meet new teachers. This continues as we grow in life and keep encountering them in different disguises. In the end, to our benefit, they leave their impressions, shadows and a glowing light around us.

Remember the teacher who would punish you for coming late, making noise, and not paying attention in class, the same teacher would hug you and praise you in front of all when you topped the class. The teacher who would be patient and explain to you something you failed to understand would also never fail to help you with a problem. The teacher whose eyes brimmed with tears of joy on seeing you do well in life when you met them after years and they welcome you with the same smile, hug and comforting words.

These wonderful people are the ones who make our world and make us what we are today. We owe a lot to them but many a time, they go unnoticed and are seen as a hindrance to our growth or being jealous of us. A true dedicated caring honest teacher can never be jealous or impartial for them all students are alike and they never see who is rich or poor, who is more intelligent and who is still struggling …. Their goal in life is only one “ a better confident you”.

Teachers constantly remind you of your self-worth. It is the teacher who can bring a smile to the face of their students and wipe away their tears when they are punished. They help us to understand that someone believes in them and is proud of every little thing they do. They are your eyes and ears in the journey of learning.

True teachers are bridges by way of which their students’ crossover joyfully, overcoming all hurdles. They encourage students to create bridges of their own in life. A teacher’s job is to take a bunch of ‘live wire’ students and see that they are well grounded in their studies.

So, the next time you meet your old teacher in life, remember to stop and thank them for giving you a wonderful education and making you what you are today. Remember a teacher’s job is never easy, it demands a lot of time, patience, love and understanding …they are humans too who sacrifice a lot in life to give us a good education and the least we can do for them is be grateful.

Lastly, a good teacher is like a candle which consumes itself to light the way for others. A good teacher takes your hand, opens your mind and touches your heart.

About the Author

Bhavani Sundaram is based in Delhi and is a freelance blog writer. She writes on topics relating to animals, pets, day-to-day life’s happening, and history and travel. She has published 3 books (‘Stories and Parables’, ‘Furry Tails’, and ‘Unseen and Unheard Women Warriors Of Independent India’.) which are available on Amazon and Flipkart. She blogs at

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