No fish in the curry dish!


A pinch in the pocket for all seafood lovers in Goa as only a few trawlers have ventured into the sea even after the end of the fishing ban.

According to a wholesaler from the municipal market, Christina Fernandes, the fish available in the market are from Chennai, Kolkata and Karwar. There is hardly any fish from the state as trawlers have not ventured into the sea due to bad weather. Those who did were largely unsuccessful.

The unfavourable weather conditions  are the main reason most boat owners abstain from venturing into the rough sea. Fresh fish is popular among hoteliers and the wealthy who are willing to pay the price. But unfortunately for the common man, fish has become a luxury. Especially the fish that is so sought after by every Goenkar – Tamoso, Modso, Chonak, Viswon etc. These are a rarity on the poor man’s plate.

Steps taken by the Government of Goa, have ensured that the people of Goa don’t have to go without their favourite ‘Nuste’ anymore. Fish farming has been introduced on a large scale, where fish was made available throughout the monsoon season at a reasonable rate. Unfortunately for us, nothing can substitute the taste and aroma of a fresh catch!