The Haunted Road: A Honeymoon Nightmare in Goa


Goa, renowned for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife, hides a darker side where eerie events unfold. An anonymous tourist recounts a chilling honeymoon experience, cautioning newlyweds about the haunted road stretching from Bambolim Medical College to Dona Paula.

One night, the couple was returning to their hotel, O Pescador, after having dinner at a friend’s house. It was past 11 PM, and they were riding their Activa scooter when the wife suddenly felt like someone was pulling her.

As if on cue, it began to rain heavily. To seek shelter, they stopped near a bus stop before the hospital. At that moment, a dog on the other side of the road, which had been calm, started barking violently at them. The street lights went out, and the wife screamed, “Let’s get away from here!” She was having some kind of ghostly attack. With great difficulty, they reached their hotel. The wife said she felt a burning sensation on her back. When she lifted her dress, the husband was shocked to see clear, swollen scratch marks that looked like a skeletal hand had grabbed her.

The husband tried to take pictures of the marks, but his phone stopped working and he lost all his data. They were both very scared and confused. They asked some locals about their experience and heard stories about hauntings along the road from Bambolim Medical College to Dona Paula. Many said that newlyweds, especially brides, were often targeted by ghosts on this stretch of road.

This frightening story serves as a warning to others. Newlyweds, especially brides, should avoid traveling late at night on this haunted road. The ghosts here are not just stories—they can leave real marks and lasting fear. The roads of Goa, beautiful by day, can become scary and dangerous at night. This story is a reminder that the paranormal can intrude into our lives when we least expect it. Stay cautious and listen to those who have experienced the supernatural, because the next encounter might be yours.