Best Headphone Party in Goa – A Unique Clubbing Experience


Goa has always been known as the party-state of India. Although the indoor parties go on till early morning, the outdoor ones, with larger gatherings, louder music, dancing and amazing views, unfortunately, need to stop early.

If you are a party goer and want to enjoy a party till early morning, you should enter the headphone party. Each party-goer has to get a pair of wireless headphones from the reception that connects you to the music. Apart from not disturbing the neighborhood, one also has personal volume control, DJ selection and the option to take a break.

Here are some of the best places for attending a headphone party in Goa one,

Silent Noise

In comparison to North Goa, South Goa is always considered to be more peaceful. But this party in South Goa, is recognized all over the world, has become the benchmark for a headphone party in Goa. Held every Saturday night and goes on till early morning, the venue is located at the Neptune Point Beach Resort in Palolem.

Laser lights, fog machines, fire dancers, aerial performances, visual projections and some of the best DJs in the business are on offer. One who is really gadget freak and want to have a complete different kind of party experience, this party place is the perfect place for them.

Silent Noise club is not only known for its unique concept but this place also has chilled vibes.

Entry: Rs. 600 (includes headphone hire charges)

Image Credit – businessstandard.com

Leopard Valley

In South of Goa, Leopard Valley is well known for its party animals rather than its wild life so don’t let your imagination run away with the name. Leopard Valley in Goa is a mind blowing night club and is definitely a place meant for all the party maniacs.

This place is safe and secure for one to have a good time till all hours of the morning, the party at Leopard Valley is another example of headphone partying in the state that has hundreds of revelers dancing to the music in their heads on every Friday night. One can enjoy the sounds of more than a couple of DJs from India and abroad as well as some live entertainment at the open air venue. Leopard Valley is the place to be if you want to party on a Friday night like never before as soon as you enter the club at 7 pm you will not wish to move out of the club even when the music stops playing around 3 am. 

Entry: Rs. 600 (includes headphone hire charges)

Image Credit – businessstandard.com

The Laughing Buddha

The Laughing Buddha is a club located in South Goa and is the best place for a silent party on a weekday. Every Tuesday night, they hold silent parties at the beach near the club, so all you’ve to do is, pick up your pair of headphones from their desk, put on your favorite music and dance like nobody’s watching.

This is also a good idea if you’re having less cash but still want to have a fun night-out as they charge only about Rs.350/- (inclusive of the headphone rental cost).

Entry: Rs.350 (includes headphone hire charges)

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Alpha Bar

Since 1982, this bar at the end of Palolem beach is known for its delicious food, drinks, friendly service and moreover know for its chilled out atmosphere. Every Thursday, at around 10 PM, the speakers go off and the headphones come on. The headphone party here boasts more than a couple of DJs to choose from and claim to have brought the idea to Goa.

Entry: Rs.400 (includes headphone hire charges)

Silent parties is relatively a new concept in a country like India, but it has already made its way to Goa. So make sure to visit any one of these quiet parties for an experience like no other, where one can just not only chooses your drinks and snacks but also the tracks you listen to, and if you feel you can do better, then carry along your player and DJ for the night even if only in your own head. Surely this innovative concept will eventually make its way even in other parts of the beautiful state.