Best Islands of Goa That Everyone Needs To Visit This Winter


For some, Goa is the dream place for booze, party and food, while for some, it is about long walks, beautiful sunsets and equally stunning sunrises.

Islands of Goa simply redefine peace. Here are the best six islands of Goa where one can experience some unforgettable moments with your beloved.

Pequeno (Bat Island)

The Pequeno Island also referred to as the Bat Island is found just a kilometre faraway from Baina beach of Vasco-da-Gama. The island is that the best place for adventure seekers and comprises of alittle rocky beach and alittle stretch of green.

This Island is well known for snorkeling and is considered the best destination for the snorkelers. For snorkeling, essential training and equipment are provided by the tour organizers and operators. The island provides a really interesting stopover along the Goan coast and may be reached within 30 minute ride into the ocean .

How to get there: Head to the Vasco da Gama harbour and you’ll find numerous boatmen over there who can reach you to the island. Make sure you get your local guide or friend along to conversation with them in the local language. Or, you’ll simply book yourself a ship tour through any operator.

Must-do things: The Pequeno island alongside its close companion, ‘The Grande Island or Ilha Grande’ are the foremost wanted location to enjoys Snorkeling in Goa. The training and equipment for this are usually provided by the tour organizers and operators. Each trip can cost you anywhere around Rs.1500-2000 per person.

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Divar Island

Located at a distance of 10 km from Panjim in Goa, Divar Island is a slice of heaven tucked away in dense woods amidst the beauty of nature. Connected to Old Goa only through ferry service, this island is synonymous with natural beauty, serenity and tranquility.

Commonly recognized as a ‘village stuck in time’; the area is still unexplored and unexploited by tourism or commercialization as it is disconnected from city life.

Divar Island is dotted with vintage houses built in Portuguese style, littered with traditional churches and is surrounded by evergreen paddy fields. Unlike the loud and hippie party culture of Goa, this place provides the contrasting peace and environment to the wanderers to make them want just to explore it.

The term ‘divar’ is derived from the word ‘dipavati’, which means ‘small island’ in Konkani. The term is pronounced as ‘divaddi’. Although Divar Island hardly has any particular sightseeing spots, the innate beauty and charm of the narrow winding roads, the tiny tea stalls and overall aura will make you want never to leave the island. 

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Conco (Monkey Island)

The Conco Island maybe a wooded island, which is pre-aged to the bay of Palolem. Getting its name from the Taluka it’s situated in, Canacona, this island is sort of the head-turner in South Goa for island hopping. Interestingly, it’s also known by the name Monkey Island because it was inhabited by monkeys that lived within the adjacent forests.

Many say that they can still spot many monkeys hovering around the island’s coconut grove.

How to get there: you’ll take a 20 minute boat ride from Agonda Beach, which is that the most proximate location. Or you also can reach there by hiring boats from Palolem. Most of the boats from there moor towards the Butterfly Island frequently and Conco island being its neighbour, is simply a 5-10 minute ride from the previous .

Must-do things: a brief swim up here during the low tides followed by a little dosage of bathing can offer you fresh holiday goals in Goa.

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Raneache Zuvem

Revora alittle village within the Bardez Taluka of Northern Goa, locally referred to as the Zuvem (island in Konkani), this island is simply the place to fade into the sunset. The island measuring an area of just 1.5 km, but at the broadest it’s probably just half a kilometre. Lying broadside of mainland, the Zuvem floats on the Chapora river and stretches sort of a plantation with a thick canopy of trees, a couple of houses peeking through the foliage. That’s what you call an ideal view, right?

How to Reach there: Unlike other islands of Goa, which are a long way faraway from the mainland, this one is simply off Revora but a part of Nadora panchayat. This makes it very easy to succeed in once you manage to seek out your thanks to the quaint Revora Bridge.

Must do things: Watching Sunsets from the bridge along the backwaters of Revora.

Vanxim Island

Resting on the sides of the Mandovi River, the sister islands of Divar and Chorao are easy to identify . But what lies beyond our vision is that the astonishingly beautiful tiny island called Vanxim located the backside of Divar. Vanxim a really small island that shines sort of a piece of jewel amidst the blossom of lovely mangroves on all sides. This amazing island is home to a large number of migratory avian beauties, making it a birdwatchers’ paradise.

How to Reach there: One can take a ferry from Divar Island and get across the Mandovi river to reach Vanxim. One can explore the island on foot as the roads for the most parts don’t exist or have broken down.

Must do things: When in Goa, sunset ferries from Divar to Vanxim are one among the foremost amazing visual treats one should experience.

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São Jacinto Island

At a distance of 22 km from Panjim , the incredibly beautiful Sao Jacinto Island is situated in South Goa.

Sao Jacinto Island or San Jacinto Island may be a small island lying within the Mormugao bay. This tiny island has been blessed with incredible, breath-taking natural beauty where you can catch sights of plate corals.

Most of the island is covered with forests and just the south-western coast and has many Indo-Portuguese style houses.

The main attraction of the island is an old beautiful chapel which has an underground tunnel to the opposite side of the river to Siridao, one also can see this chapel while traveling from the Dabolim airport.

One can even see an Old Portuguese lighthouse on the island. Beyond it, a path will take you up Capitol Hill to a view-point, where you’ll get excellent view of the environment . There is an old spring right in the middle of the Island which is still being used by the local people for their drinking water.

How to get there: Jacinto Island is connected with the mainland by the bridge with name of Silver Gate Bridge. Ride along the NH-17 Vasco – Panaji coastal highway and you’ll find this picturesque island floating a mile faraway from Vasco City.

Must do things: A romantic walk with your special one or a boat ride across the perimeter of the island. Also, don’t miss the bird’s eye view from the lighthouse.

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Have you visited any of the spectacular islands of Goa already? If not, then you should definitely plan a trip to Goa and visit these beautiful islands.