Headphone rave–Goa’s party revolution

The idyllic beach town of Palolem in South Goa is very different from the north. Known for its peaceful atmosphere and a mixture of nationalities, ages and travelers. It is not hard to fall in love with this tranquil beach paradise. However every Saturday, Palolem hosts India’s original silent headphone party. Literally, everyone dances to their own tunes.

How it works

At Silent Noise, clubbers can choose a preferable EDM, performed live by three international DJs. The beat is transmitted wirelessly to fully digital headphones, providing optimum sound quality to each individual. All the headsets have 3 LED lights to allow the clubbers to distinguish the channel they’re listening to. This allows the party to evade noise pollution laws and enables clubbers to change club beats without changing venue. The party goes on till the wee hours of the morning.

The party takes place outdoors in the well-known Neptune’s Point. It promises a festival experience with circus performers, laser shows and comfortable tepees that create the ultimate trance scene. Furthermore the venue offers a stunning view of the incredible beach.


Silent Noise

“In difficult times for tourism, an inspired use of today’s music technology is allowing visitors and locals to once again enjoy the golden Goa party days,” stated Silent Noise on its website.

The concept came alive when the thought arose of reviving the outdoor party vibe for which Goa is famous. Ecstatic party goers dance the night away connected to wireless headsets, without disturbing the neighbors or breaking the law. Silent Noise has tiptoed around the 10pm sound ban and has changed the scenario of Goa’s nightlife. You can quite easily switch the headphone channel to techno rave, to retro tunes or to the latest in electro house. The competition is fierce, as DJs battle to get the crowd to tune into their set. You can chill out and chat with your friends by switching off the headpiece and get back into the party vibe by turning them back on again

Other Headphone Parties

Silent Parties are a relatively new concept in the world, but it has already made its way to Goa.  Apart from Silent Noise, Laughing Buddha has a headphone party every Tuesday and Alpha Bar every Thursday. It seems strange to me that all the 3 silent parties in Goa currently take place in Palolem. I am sure this innovative concept will eventually catch on in other parts of the beautiful state.

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